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  1. Why do we need an inertia switch ? in case it rolls over and over and bursts into flames.Waste of time as you have shown.I shorted mine out via a hidden switch which I use as as part of my security system. Bet this post upsets the purists.
  2. dkbuck


    I bought a set of WOOL carpets from a reputable supplier.After about 18 months the colour started to fade.The worst area was the piece over the tunnel.I received a new section from the supplier but now other areas have started to fade. I would be interested if anyone else has experienced the same problem with wool.My regret is that I didn't opt for a synthetic fibre.
  3. Thanks Pete,Is this what they call a case of stating the b-------- obvious.Not quite the answer I was looking for.Will report back when its fixed.
  4. I,ve raised the drivers window in such a way that it is stuck fast.Please help with a quick solution.
  5. My car could have gone that too.From owners who didn't want spend the cash keeping them on the road.
  6. Take a look at my green leds, David
  7. dkbuck

    wind deflectors

    Has anyone fitted the deflector from Classic Additions.
  8. I had the petrol smell in the boot but there no obvious leaks.Found that the petrol was leaking slowly from the the fuel gauge sender unit down the rear of the tank. By tilting the tank forward it is easy to inspect.Solved,new sender unit gasket.!!!
  9. dkbuck

    Tarmac cleaning

    My 6 leaves deposits of oil on our tarmac drive.As I,m getting a load of grief from the wife has anyone found a solution to this cleaning problem .Google offers loads of advice from cat litter to soap solution. HELP !!!
  10. Low speed judder on the steering on braking.Anyone any thoughts
  11. dkbuck


    Has anyone fitted VREDESTEIN tyres to their 6 ? They are highly rated in a Which report. I have the Sport TRac 3V 195/65 R15V in mind. Any advice will be very welcome. Dave
  12. Thanks for the comments.I probably didnt explain myself correctly.The hand written MOT and receipts have been doctored by someone overwriting the milage reading by changing the first digit of the mileage reading from a nine to an eight thereby 99000 becomes 89000 miles.Fraudulent I would have thought.
  13. I,ve discovered having gone through old MOT,s and receipts that the car I bought has falsified documents to show that the speedo mileage should be considerably more than that shown. I bought the car privately 6 years ago. Anyone with any advice?
  14. dkbuck


    Anyone ever fitted a Quinton Hazel clutch in a TR6.
  15. dkbuck


    Has anyone any experience of using this product?
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