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  1. This is all good info guys i'm fairly sure its the gasket/bolt combination, o rings would be great but outside my scope i'll check all the other ideas and let you know how i get on (but don't hold your breath) Thanks to you all
  2. The Solenoid mount side plate of my overdrive still leaks, even after ensuring the plate was flat, fitting a new gasket and smothering both sides with Hylomar Thicker gasket, silicon sealing compound .....? Anyone faced this and solved the problem with a 'cunning plan' all ideas gratefully received
  3. you could also check if you've got worn steering column bushes ( a lovely job if required) Pete
  4. Cheers Jerry - we've probable see each other's TR at some point i'm also in Chesham - small world
  5. Any one out there who can answer a simple question? When refitting my steering rack with new poly bushes, do i push the U bolt mounting brackets outwards (apart) or pull them inwards (together) to pre tension the bushes? cheers peter t
  6. Thanks to all who have replied - what an excellent place to come for help. I will be removing the head this weekend to see if it has caused any other damage (fingers crossed it has not!) and I will be checking all the above to ensure it does not happen again. As to the source of the car, yes it came from a dealer and I will be speaking with them (no names --- yet). I hope in time to be able to return the advice Many thanks Peter
  7. HELP! I have recently obtained my pride and joy a TR6. New owner, nosiy tappets, obvious job - adjust them! Taking great care set to 0.010" using method in Haynes. Start engine, nice and quiet until - BANG - number 8 rocker breaks ****** Don't know for sure, but think it has a non standard cam - silly question could this require larger gap? Engine number on block removed and now only reads 'MV5' anybody any clues?
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