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  1. Pull the full belt out and spray loads of this stuff into where the belt goes in, then keep putting the belt in and out. should do the trick http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Everbuild-400ml-Silicone-Spray-Ease-Of-Friction-Between-2-Surfaces-/331694481020?var=&hash=item4d3a881e7c:m:mWEMhwiyS_wDhh4gjvjEjHg
  2. stevie-a

    Bought a TR7

    No they are not a strait bolt on you need to put an adapter spacers on this is some photos of my car,Sorry I do not have the dimensions for them but i am sure we could all find them for you the strut bearings are a must Even my wife can use the car with them I have just copied this from my blog on another site with out edit to save time -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I stripped the discs off the other day this photo you can see the wheel spacers I have now got t
  3. stevie-a


    The only one I see in that colour is a TR7 V8 so not original tr8 do you have the link In the boot to the right should be the battery on the glove box should say tr8 in the engine bay I look out for air intakes at the front of inner wing cant remember but i am not sure but i don't think the tr8 has the battery tray in the engine bay just some wee things I look for there are a lot more
  4. Yes they do but very tight this is my wheel with the 2.8i calipers on it and if you look you can see a small scuff mark where the caliper hit the wheel So i did increase the wheel size to 15" mg tf wheels then I upgraded to EBC Vented grooved and potted discs with green stuff pads
  5. I did this last year I had put this on another site hope it helps ..................................................................................... I have decided to fit an anti dive kit to my car Basically it is 2 aluminum blocks and 4 long bolts the purpose is to stop the front end diving and rising under acceleration and braking It also helps tighten up the handling It is a common modification to the TR7 OK first I put the car up on some ramps ( we don't all have the luxury of a garage lift) Basically the blocks go under the front ant
  6. Do the lights go on? if not my first call would be the fuse If not the light switch (take out and clean inside with Electra clean or WD40 )( watch the springs) also clean the earths and connectors in the engine bay behind each light If not ask an auto electrician as I never have to go by that stage .....
  7. Wayne wait till I go back into the garage tomorrow night I just might have a red with rear screws...
  8. Although the electronic flasher unit is a must in my opinion Just a thought All your lights are working as this will cause fast flashers normally the worn original flasher unit will show problems by giving a slow flash just a thought
  9. OK I have one Well actually I have two each has a slightly different profile PM me your address and i will send both
  10. I think I have a spare I will have a look tomorrow you are welcome to it If I can find it ... I will let you know tomorrow ...
  11. MGF wheels will be OK on your car I have MGTF V spokes with 195/50/15 Falken ZIEX ZE-912 I have found them to be excellent, toyo's tend to ware quick as they are a softer compound. £41.70 from My Tyres Also have 5mm spacers on all round
  12. I have just copied this from a post I did on another forum hope it helps ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I took the car out of the garage after the winter and to my horror it was running very rough Back firing so loud that would be excused for wanting to ware ear plugs ( no joke) Put in new plugs and oil etc Started to put in new points and condenser ( this is the start of my problems ) This is where the distributor is situated not a lot of space in there And to top it the Delco
  13. Rather than go skinny tyres I would put Ford Sierra roller bearings on the strut tops makes a big difference and is not a lot of money to do I run with 15" 195 tyres and my wife drives the car with no complaint about the steering (and it saves the car looking funny on skinny tyres)
  14. stevie-a

    Rare Car?

    But £15,995 is serious cash rare experimental cars what is so special about them
  15. I am sorry I missed you I was on the stand most of the time .. Ether I was there or off gallivanting and getting lost in all the cars ... Thanks for the kind words about the car...
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