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  1. Dave

    Apologies for contacting you in this way, but I recall you saying that if anytime I needed some help with the TR....

    You may have seen my recent post on my misfiring car, I have ordered new points, condensor, rotor arm and dizzie cap to fit on the car but am unsure of how to set the timing.

    Would you be able to help one evening before Malvern?




  2. kyd99

    Failed Drivetrain

    Happend to me , it was a broken annulus. Can be replaced with out taking the gearbox out. I just removed the the back of the A type overdrive pressed out the broken shaft and replaced with new annulus from Sheffield Overdrive Services. Not that difficult, you just have to read the brown bible and make sure you line up the planet gears on re assembley and fit the one way clutch correctly.
  3. kyd99

    Clatter over bumps?

    Check the handles on the the soft top where they clamp it to the top of the screen. These can come loose on the square drive that turns the locking pins and rattle on top ofthe screen.
  4. kyd99

    Broken Annulus

    Hi Roger It's a 150 bhp PI with extractor manifold and twin pipe exhaust, so pretty much standard.
  5. kyd99

    Broken Annulus

    I hope some of you experts can help me with this.Set out for the Stoke club run yesterday, called for petrol, set off again changed to second loud clunk then no drive to the rear wheels!!!! Towed the car home, jacked up rear end. Ran in gear & found the prop shaft was not rotating. Removed seats & gearbox tunnel, disconnected propshaft from overdrive, and found i could turn the flange with the car in gear!!! Removed gearbox rear mounting and jacked up the gearbox as far as I could. Removed the tail of the A type overdrive unit and discovered that the annulus had snapped just in front of the bearing. My question is, is this a common fault. and what could have caused this to happen. Thanks John.
  6. HI Guy I fitted an extra idle valve at the bulkhead end to give more air to 5&6. I used Araldite, it's been fine. Regards John.
  7. Should be timed with No 1 at TDC on the fireing stroke and No 6 injector with half a hole in the rotor visible. Regards John.
  8. kyd99

    Locking Wheel Nuys

    HI jonlar Interesting pictures of the origonal hotel. Must have a run down in the TR one day for a long weekend. Best Regards John.
  9. Hi Richard Fitted the origonal pads this afternoon, ( says Lucas on the backplate) no rattles and just as good as the EBC pads. Regards John.
  10. Hi Folks I have fitted greenstuff pads and they are such a sloppy fit they rattle in the calipers. Most annoying on bumpy roads with the roof down.
  11. kyd99

    Overdrive Removal

    Hi Ron I removed the rear of the A type overdrive to replace the two big bearings on the output shaft with the gearbox in the car. John.
  12. kyd99

    wind breaking

    Hi Dusty have a look at www.classicadditions.co.uk/ I bought mine from them about 12 months ago. Good quality. Cost about £150.
  13. kyd99

    Locking Wheel Nuys

    Hi jonar just got home from the wesh tour around the Breacon Beacons, car is coverd in dead bugs. Thanks for the info Regards John.
  14. kyd99

    Locking Wheel Nuys

    Hi jonlar can you give me more info on my car? Regards John.
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