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  1. Hi RogerH, I used to be involved in Aluminium welder and I do recall the material was pre-heated prior to striking the arc. The temperature was attained using a soft/ fluvy flame, the edges of the weld would have soap, yes, a bar of white soap was rubbed along the weld when the soap went light brown it had achieved its pre-heat temperature. Much easier than temple sticks and crayons etc. Hope it may help? Regards Nigel
  2. OK Thanks for the information
  3. Hi, I was wondering what the members have found to be the best vehicle hoist that fits into a domestic double garage? would be Interested to hear opinions please. Regards Nige
  4. Hi, I have a boot frame, boot (needs attaention) and a rear valance which is new. Downside:- rear valance is plastic, whilst other panels are steel. Up to you. Ring if interested. Cheers Nigel
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