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  1. Only a little more info. A driver pulled over and passed away on final lap of final race. Had an email from CSCC, I'm sure all drivers did. Similar happened on Saturday at Angouleme. Thoughts with the families.
  2. Sad news at the end of Donington. I only heard yesterday. Condolences and prayers Ed
  3. Perfect Gents See you soon! Ed
  4. Thanks Hamish, I'm hoping that if I know what seat I have and which straps, someone like Demon Tweeks can tell me which agree I need. cheers Ed
  5. Evening all, Any advice re HANS? I'm guessing everyone wears one? Any recommendations? My helmet has the posts. I have a space on the grid at Donington with CSCC, and at Silverstone in October with AMOC. Cheers Ed
  6. Thanks Roy, I've sent you a message. I've sent the application for Donington 15/9/18, I'll come up for the day even if I don't get a spot on the grid. Going to try and get a last run at Castle Combe if I can in October. I need to get a set of rims for the set of L's that I've got. 5.50 L15. Any suggestions? Cheers Ed
  7. Exactly what I was told on the ARD as well as mirrors. I've got 205/60 R15 A048s on at the moment. Would you know what size rims (15 5.5?) I need for 550 15 L section Dunlops. Any offset? I'll be at Donington. Then going to Castle Combe as it'll be Barrie's last race. This year at least as he's only 77. Thanks all Ed
  8. Exactly what I was told on the ARD as well as mirrors. Ive got 205/60 R15 A048s on at the moment. Would you know what size rims (15 5.5?) I need for 550 15 L section Dunlops. Any offset? Ill be at Donnington. Then going to Castle Combe as itll be Barries last race. This year at least as hes only 77. Thanks all Ed
  9. Hello Gents Thank you, all very helpful. I think I'll stick to CSCC, keeping it simple. I just need practice in the car this year and next. Thank you Mike, I remember your name from the early 90's when I had a BRG TR7 with a near white interior. I knew it was a well known car but didn't know who had it when. HamIsh, yes that's my car, lovely isn't it! I am biased. Dave - the roll cage extends inside to the front and all round the cockpit. I got a set of steel panels with the car, it has GRP on at the moment. Down shifting a dog box - black art? Hopefully I'll find it easier with practi
  10. Evening all, Just saying hello before I start asking (probably dumb) questions. I've recently bought a TR3a reg number LVS 499. Ex Mike McKenna, ex Barrie Carter and poss a few more. Last did any sprints/hillclimbs in 1996 (yellow Tr7). Was in The Army back then. Not long out, so thought it time to start again. Anyway Barrie somehow got me to agree to enter the Bentley Drivers Club races at Silverstone last month, got my race licence a week before the race. What a great Day. Family loved it too which was a surprise. Met a good bloke in a TR4. I'd like to enter Donington in Septem
  11. Hello Thank you, right number but wrong part does seem likely. Currently waiting for Moss to get back to me after they look into it. I'll let you know. Ed
  12. Hello I wonder if someone out there can help. I have a TR3 (TS21885 0 ) which has a leaking near-side rear wheel cylinder. Moss have supplied one (GWC1118) but the slot is too narrow for the handbrake cable lever. Although it looks v similar to the old part, the piston bore is larger and the new one has a waist just below the slot. The old one has a number on the side (64673305). The off-side cylinder was changed in May by a garage doing the MOT and they didn't say there was a problem. Any ideas? Many Thanks
  13. Hello all. I have a totally standard TR3, 899 AYA. Steering is vague at best, are there any differences in the conversion (to rack/pinion) kits available, and if not where is the best place to buy from? Also what do you recommend in terms of springs and dampers? I drive enthusiastically, dont intend to sell the car so originality not that important and dont want to spend a fortune. Advice would be gratefully received.
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