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  1. I have an entry for this Saturday at Silverstone, VSCC. I have three tickets available for 'pit crew', message me if you're interested. There is no charge. Ed
  2. Great race, thanks for a much needed dose of real racing Cheers Ed
  3. Tickets arrived in the post. I'll be there Saturday morning. Cheers Ed
  4. Looking forward to it Roy. I haven't received tickets yet. Were they emailed? Thanks Ed
  5. Anyone racing at Donington next weekend? Equipe Cheers Ed
  6. This is stated as original and in great condition. It's neither to my mind https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR3A-TR3-Grille-Assembly-802174-Original-in-GREAT-Condition/124223093969?epid=9037970803&hash=item1cec45fcd1:g:D3UAAOSwyylepv-I This might be original but I guess only of use to do what Hamish and I have done. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Triumph-TR3A-Grille-Assembly-802174/114071126968?epid=9037970803&hash=item1a8f2b43b8:g:nGAAAOSwNNVeIeAF Anyone got a spare spare wheel cover in steel? Cheers Ed
  7. Evening all, Have been looking at crimping the front grill as per http://tr3a.info/FAQ_grill.html and Here's my effort...
  8. Congratulations, In the photo's, it looked like it was a good, solid, unmolested car. Looking forward to seeing how you get on with it. Enjoy Ed
  9. Thanks Roy, you wouldn't have any old pictures by any chance?
  10. Thank you David for taking the time, was planning on a long tube. I think the best place to spend any more money would be on the nut holding the steering wheel....
  11. Wow David, no need for you to take a 30min drive to check your eyesight! well spotted, will be rectified very soon, thanks. I'll search re stacks..
  12. Evening all, Hope everyone's well. Anyone have any info from when LVS 499 was green with a TR2 apron? As on page A06 from this https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/media/pdf/TR2-4A-14A.pdf Cheers Ed
  13. Have a good day Roy. Thanks for your help Ed
  14. First outing on March 22nd, Sunday, MGOC at Silverstone
  15. Looking good Hamish, looking good
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