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  1. Plenty of Black ones still available at £210. But black is always slower than red right?
  2. Just checked. Looks like Demon Tweeks have sold out as well on their eBay store
  3. Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh!! Bought two Cobra Monaco Pro's and new harness last night! Roll cage is already in. I'm not tall so hopefully seat will be forward enough not to foul on the roll cage but not sure about the prop tunnel. Ebay had one left with side brackets for £210. Bought that. Demon Tweeks are doing them at £210 without side brackets. Bought one from them. Both will be fitted in next few weeks so I'll know then whether to I've been hasty. Roy, my pleasure, you have a lovely car.
  4. Evening all, Hope all's well and cars getting ready. Mines had a fair bit done since Silverstone and nearing completion. Some advice please. I'm looking to buy a pair of racing seats. Fixed. Red preferably. FIA approved. Base fitting. Has anyone any experience with the Cobra Monaco Pro? Or any suggestions? Cheers Ed
  5. ed3265

    AYA 899

    Found it by the simplest method! Found the original email from when I sold it and emailed. Car still going strong. Happy days
  6. Fellas, I was looking (google) for a picture of an engine block to show the screw hole. That picture was from a post from this website a few years ago. Thanks for helping out Cheers
  7. ed3265

    AYA 899

    My old car, TR3 1957, BRG. Graham Foote had it after but i can see he hasn't posted for a while. Hope it's still around Cheers Ed
  8. The winner's champagne makes my hair curly...
  9. Evening all, Could you shed some light as to what fits into this hole? It's threaded. (photo copied from this forum) A M6 bolt just fits in so I guess a 5/16 bolt would be the right size? Thanks in advance. Ed
  10. We'll need umbrellas I think... Good luck to al
  11. Hello Roy, I'll be there, be good to meet you. Are you part of the AMOC meeting? I'll be in a Red Tr3a Cheers Ed
  12. Only a little more info. A driver pulled over and passed away on final lap of final race. Had an email from CSCC, I'm sure all drivers did. Similar happened on Saturday at Angouleme. Thoughts with the families.
  13. Sad news at the end of Donington. I only heard yesterday. Condolences and prayers Ed
  14. Perfect Gents See you soon! Ed
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