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  1. Not many were catching up with you, Roy!
  2. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Hello Roy Yes the Bentley Drivers Club meet. See you ther Ed
  3. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Now how do you upload a video? Had a great day, was made very welcome by the MGOC. Seems the commentator had a fixation on this car, was told he spoke more about it than any other. Obviously I couldn't hear him. What a great track at Castle Combe! I got quicker and quicker, down to 1m 30s per lap by end, not too shabby for a novice. Car was just lovely once we got the isolating switch fixed and thru' scrutineering. I pulled out of the first race as car was getting hot, only to find that all the cars were due the weather! Second race was superb. Mixed grid was a bit disconcerting, some very quick modern MG's were hammering through. Found the love for this car again, next stop Silverstone early August Happy days! Ed
  4. Fantastic Hamish, glad you got there in the end. Ed
  5. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    First race of the season next Sunday 7th at Castle Combe. Invitation class with the MGOC. Gulp! I'll be the only Triumph there but the old rivalries are in the past, I hope. Roy - did the photos help? It's difficult trying to photograph the mountings. Cheers Ed
  6. How frustrating for you, feeling your pain.
  7. Sorry for you. Glad you are safe Roy. That's all that counts at the end of the day. Ed
  8. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Evening all, Got the car back today, test day at Castle Combe, really useful afternoon. First time there but I'm really just learning to drive that dog gearbox. Roy/David, both Cobra seats are fitted, I'm 5'7" and in almost the most rearward place they could fit, they are just about perfect for me. If you're much taller then the roll bar stops them being positioned further back. Feel very upright esp with a HANS device. They just fit under the side bars of the cage. I'll take some pictures tomorrow and post them. Cheers Ed
  9. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Plenty of Black ones still available at £210. But black is always slower than red right?
  10. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Just checked. Looks like Demon Tweeks have sold out as well on their eBay store
  11. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Aaaaaaaaggghhhhhhh!! Bought two Cobra Monaco Pro's and new harness last night! Roll cage is already in. I'm not tall so hopefully seat will be forward enough not to foul on the roll cage but not sure about the prop tunnel. Ebay had one left with side brackets for £210. Bought that. Demon Tweeks are doing them at £210 without side brackets. Bought one from them. Both will be fitted in next few weeks so I'll know then whether to I've been hasty. Roy, my pleasure, you have a lovely car.
  12. ed3265

    LVS 499 Tr3a

    Evening all, Hope all's well and cars getting ready. Mines had a fair bit done since Silverstone and nearing completion. Some advice please. I'm looking to buy a pair of racing seats. Fixed. Red preferably. FIA approved. Base fitting. Has anyone any experience with the Cobra Monaco Pro? Or any suggestions? Cheers Ed
  13. ed3265

    AYA 899

    Found it by the simplest method! Found the original email from when I sold it and emailed. Car still going strong. Happy days
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