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  1. Indeed it does, when I activate the Highbeam with the foot or flash switch, the whole left lamp does not work, right lamp works fine. Or could it be that when you switch from low to high beam, the low beam does not burn at the same time? I thought that they both burned when you engage high beam?
  2. ok, thank you all for the replies. I will do some research in the weekend, and will let you know if I can fix it. And perhaps to add to the symptom: when I engage the high beam, the low beam on the left lamp also quits working
  3. I recently noticed a problem with my headlights. When I use the flasher stick, or press the high beam on the floor, the left light goes out, the right light works fine. I thought it was a faultly H4, so I put a new one in, same problem. What can it be? a fuse? realy?
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