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  1. The picture that Julian took of Dad in the TR6 was 10th May 1981. Below is another one of Dad (Dennis) about to head on to the track. Two years earlier, 3rd May, '79 is a picture of Dad and Mum (Diana) in UAC722 followed by Julian Furniss in what became known as his 'orange monster' on the very first day it turned a wheel. Diane Makins (Pringle) looks on.
  2. Does anyone have a steering rack laying around and who would be willing to take a measurement for me? I’m tying to get the length of the rack from the middle of the inner ball joints. TIA Rob
  3. Tying to track down our old TR3. Blaze orange, sold to a guy in Salisbury in or around 1980. Any information/leads greatly appreciated. cheers Rob
  4. I was able to spend Christmas with my family and after some searching, Dad found this picture - his FTD run at Goodwood, May 1978. Does anyone have any more pictures of Goodwood from 1978 through the early 80's to post? I'd love to track this car down. It was sold to a guy in Salisbury in 1980 and as far as I know has never seen the light of day since, although it does show up in the DVLA registration check.
  5. Julian, That's fantastic. Thank you so much. I'll check , but think this was 1980. John Gray took FTD and Dad took 1st in teh Std TR6 class. 1:53 or so.. on those tyres! Would love to see more pictures of that era and particularly of Dad and Julian Furniss's TR3s if anyone has them. Rob Futcher
  6. Thank you! When I figure out how to do some screen captures, I'll post a few from the Summer '78 thru '82 publications when my parents were involved - both competing and organizing the annual Sprint at Goodwood.
  7. Related to this topic, I’m looking for a copy of the 1978 summer or autumn copy of TR Action, which has the report of the 1978 Sprint at Goodwood. If anyone has a copy, I’d be happy to buy it, or at least would love to see a scan of the article. TIA, Rob Futcher
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