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  1. Just to let you know I have reported the matter to Sussex Police and they have issued a crime report number and written to me regarding next steps Cases like this take several weeks to be investigated as they're not life threatening Many thanks for your comments/support All much appreciated Such a shame that the joy of owning such a gorgeous classic car should be tainted by such unpleasant behaviour
  2. TR 4 Enthusiasts Please advise me... Yesterday I responded to an ad on the carandclassic website for a lovely TR4 and received a response from car salesman Daniel Maloney Last year I enquired about another TR4 and experienced some unpleasant emails from the same person due to the fact I didn't respond to him immediately I shared this on your forum and it transpires the same chap has upset numerous TR Register members over the years Several people suggested he should be banned from the TR Register and pointed out he seems to position himself as officially assoc
  3. RE; DANIEL MALONEY.I've never posted on this forum before but feel compelled to share my experience with a car salesman called Daniel Maloney from TR Match.He's selling a fabulous TR4 in red.It's a really lovely car that has been beautifully restored.I emailed Daniel 2 days ago to enquire about the car and asked if the owner might accept a lower price.Daniel responded. I spent yesterday in the Conquest hospital in Hastings as I have a heart condition and there were complications.As a result I didn't look at my phone or make any calls.I had plenty of time to think about the classic cars I've be
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