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  1. Thanks Roger, I did see that one, but mine is a two speed switch. Mine has four connectors on the back of it David
  2. Hi Guys and Girls, Long shot I know, but does anyone have one of these lying around in their parts bin. If so, would you be interested in selling it to me Want to keep the Dash original, so don't want to put in an after market switch. Attached is a phot of mine, which is beginning to play up. Hopefully someone has one for sale Thanks David
  3. Hi Harvey Thanks for your reply Sometimes my top position stops and parks Other times goes into continuous fast mode. The only position which works all the time is the second position, which is slow wipe Middle position always seems to turn them off, but not park Maybe the wiring on the back is wrong ??? David
  4. Hi Guys, This may sound like a strange question. I am having problems with my wiper switch. First of all, where is the off position. Top or middle of switch ? Am I correct in thinking the following :- Middle position of switch is the off position Top position of switch is fast wipe Bottom position of switch is normal wipe Or am I completely wrong ????? The reason for asking is sometimes they stop and park when the switch is in the top position Here is a photo of my wiper switch Many thanks for any help David
  5. Thanks guys. I tried doing it through the ashtray without success. It was like trying to paint the hallway through the letter box. The reason for posting in the first place was to find out how other people had done it before. As alternative suggestions were not that forthcoming, I looked at other options myself. The way I did it may not have been the way others did it, but it worked for me. It gave me plenty of room to get my hand behind the dash to unscrew the tabs holding the gauge in place, without disturbing anything else. I was then able to pull gauge o
  6. Hi Guys and Girls, I have managed to complete this job. I undid all screws from glove box. Undid heater pipes and removed support bracket. This allowed me to move the glove box far enough back to get my hand behind the dashboard and unscrew the gauge bracket and and pull it out of the front of the dash. From here it was easy to fit the new oil tube and feed it back into the engine bay. Reconnected both ends and tested for leaks. NO LEAKS. Reversed procedure to put it all back together. Happy days Hope this helps anyone else needing to do this.
  7. Hi Guys & Girls, Looking for some help with replacing my oil pressure pipe. RHD CP car I have a slight leak on the engine side of the pipe. Tried tightening the nuts, without success. Still leaking I have a new pipe from Rimmers. I can see how it's fixed the engine end, pretty straight forward. Can you get to the gauge end of pipe, without taking the dash out?? Don't want to do this. How easy is it to do from underneath the dash ? How easy is it to just remove just the oil pressure gauge Anyone done this before who can share how they did it. Not loos
  8. Hi Guys and Girls, Has anyone fitted these K&N Air filters to their TR6. CP 150 fuel injection cars What are your thoughts on these re performance / noise / fitting vs the standard set up I have the single K&N filter on the end of air intake manifold at the moment Anyone have any photos of them on their car, if so could you please share. Regards, David
  9. Hi Magnus, Do you by any chance still have any TR6 ignition key blanks available.? If so, how much would you want for one please ? Regards, David
  10. David.B

    New Seats

    Hi, I am interested in Paul Bishop seats. Could you please PM me his contact details. Thanks David
  11. Many thanks Steve. It looks like my fuel pipes are new, as does the Bosch fuel pump & filter. Think I have tracked it to the fuel sender gasket, which I have ordered. Glad you are close by and really appreciate your offer to help, after lockdown. This is my 1st TR6, which is taking some getting used too. I am taking the car to Rees Bros on Thurs as they are going to help me with bonnet alignment and adjust my exhaust pipe, which appears to be quite low to the ground. I might get them to do the sender gasket while I am there.
  12. Many thanks Graham. Further inspection suggests it's the cork gasket on the fuel sender.
  13. Many thanks Richard. I will try that David
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