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  1. Hi. I’m slowly putting my old 3a back together and yesterday I tried to remove the seized threaded end of the handbrake cable (which had already sheared) out of the clevis fork. After drilling and heating it my ‘easy out’ snapped off inside the fork. I don’t suppose anyone has a spare one of these knocking around on a shelf?
  2. Great reply from everyone. Good chat. Thanks everyone. I’ll keep my eyes out for a cheap 4 manifold and swap it in when I can. Graham
  3. Ah. I should have mentioned that I’ve already gone for hs6 carbs and Phoenix 4 branch exhaust.
  4. Hiya. has anyone bothered changing their manifold from a 3a to 4. ie short stubby trumpets to a longer more elegant and intentional flowed chamber. it seems that the gas flow on the 4 was far superior but in reality these aren’t race cars (well mine isn’t) so does anyone really see a huge benefit in changing? I’ve pretty much made up my mind but seeing if their are any strong opinions out there? thanks all Graham.
  5. Thanks all. Good tips. I’ll try the triple x and will make it work. really appreciate the time taken to reply. Happy Christmas all.
  6. Hi all. I’ve heard horror stories of fitting the triple x screens as they are a little thicker than the standard screen. Has any got real life experience of this? Also does anyone fit a gasket between the stansion base and the bulkhead to stop scratching your paint work? many thanks graham
  7. Thanks all. Will have a go with lube before resorting to cutting.
  8. Hi all. has anyone got a tip for installation of the three anti vibration mounting rubbers that the wiper motor sits on. I tried popping them in hot water first but still no joy. This is for my 3a. thanks all
  9. Thanks all fun with the welder it is then
  10. Hi all. I started a thread last month about wrapping exhaust manifolds. Some interesting responses. Definitely some opinions out there! Thank you all for your thoughts. My next question on manifolds is fitting. I have bought a 4-1 stainless manifold but looking at the flange it is made of 10mm stainless. The flange on the inlet manifold (original) is made of 1/2 inch plate. this can’t be a new problem? I guess people have dealt with this before. my question is what was the most effect way? mill the edges down on the the inlet manifold? Spacers on top of the exhaust mani
  11. Thanks Pete. Lots of thoughts there to balance the ship. Graham
  12. Terrible typos from me! ‘They soon realised’…
  13. I have read that exhaust wrapping in Indy cars was prevalent but the sun realised the exhaust would only last a few races owing to the steel super heating itself. hmmm. Perhaps of it ain’t broke!!!
  14. I haven’t fitted it yet but it’sa stainless 4 branch Phoenix
  15. Hi all. anyone got a view on exhaust wrapping? I was going to wrap my manifold; has anyone got experience of whether to buy one or two inch wrap and what length is required for a fit branch manifold? Thanks all Graham
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