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  1. Thank you all for the advice. I now recall, having been advised above that what I read some time ago was about the Hawke pads. As I do not intend to race I think the Mintex 1144 look the most suitable option Regards John
  2. Good day, I recall reading about the quality of brake pads and the recommendation to fit best quality pads before considering any other modifications such as a "servo" However I cannot find that article and cannot recall the recommended pads, can anyone please enlighten me. Regards John
  3. Peter, The Trident is still there. David and I passed it two weeks ago when I took my restored project on its maiden trip Regards John
  4. Thank you John Neat and simple, just the way I like things J
  5. Thanks for the pictures Peter Makes it very clear J
  6. Good point Charlie, I do depend on that mirror Thanks John
  7. Thank you one and all, I think I will go for the versatility of the rack as per Bob even though I understand the merits of the bag. I do like the clean lines of the centre clip fixed under the boot release handle on Peter's 5EKT, I will see if I can make one of those. Regards John
  8. Good day, I would like to fit a rack on the boot lid and I would like a recommendation as to which of the available types that are available are the most suitable. Kind regards John
  9. Thanks David, I will assess how to proceed when I have investigated further, I can't get to the car this week as away. John
  10. Stuart, Thank you for the suggestion. I was reading up the manual and it seems that a special tool is also required for assembling the hubs. This is the reason I sent the complete axle to a specialist as I did not have the correct tools or access to any. In this case I will now investigate further when I have the time and try clocking the hub for true and end float. If it needs surgery, I think I will just remove the complete axle and bring it to a local transmission supplier and see if they have an "old guy" who remembers old machinery? I find it a bit strange that when I removed th
  11. Good morning gentlemen, Thank you for the responses. The complete axle was overhauled by the specialist. I believe I did not overgrease the bearing, 3 strokes. Interestingly, when I removed the axle from the chassis originally it had a smaller brake drum on that wheel, that was replaced by the correct one during overhaul. John
  12. Good evening all, After a short first drive (act 25km) in my recently restored car I have a problem with the LH side rear hub. I did not notice anything amiss whilst driving but after returning to the car some days later I noticed a what appears to be grease/oil & grease mixed or grease that had melted and flowed through the brake drum to the ground. Wheel turns OK so a bit mystified. I tried to remove the hub but no joy, it is very tight, I do not have the special tool mentioned in the instruction manual but I made up one to use the wheel nuts against the axle end, I gave up as
  13. David, I'm only a "blow-in", 60 years here and still suspected! J
  14. David, The locals here might prefer if your profile read "Republic of Cork, Ireland" Regards John
  15. Thanks Peter & Bob, I will try and follow your advice. John
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