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  1. Stuart & Rod, thank you for the advice it is much appreciated. John
  2. I have a related question. I am about to take delivery of a Triplex supplied from Moss and am wondering about the fitting. Are there any tips or advice for the safe fitting. I helped a friend years ago and it was difficult getting the screen into position with the rubber seal. Be glad of any tips from experienced owners Thanks John
  3. My first lockdown project. To recover an an abandoned and dismanteld 1952 Ariel. Sold my 1070 Bonneville in summer 2019 and thought I was finished with biking and then I saw an ad for this bike and as it was local I decided to have a look, fatal! It left the UK in 1995 to go to Kenya, came to Ireland in 2004 and was stripped down and forgotten soon afterwards. Running nicely now after a bit of love and skint knuckles John
  4. It looks like you have rebuilt the engine, is the standard cam still in the engine or have you changed it? New cam may require its own specific timing and may not be the same as the original. Also unlikely, but check your fuel tank vent is clear. This would cause problems but generally after some milage as vacuum in tank builds up. J
  5. Eli, Got my pair 3 days after ordering, very efficient transaction from the UK to EU. Tested setup and all good, nice blue combusition Again, many thanks for sourcing these little gems. John
  6. I think it is one of the things you should leave in your will!
  7. Thanks Eli, I just placed an order for two. Very good of you to do that search for me. Great photo of you, baby and dog squeezed into the car. John
  8. Does anyone know if these units are still being supplied? I visited the Gunson website and it is listed and also has an "buy online" option which goes to eBay with none offered. There seems to be frantic bidding for used items for silly money. What is going on? John
  9. Fitted the new lid today and all fine. Nothing obvious with the original.
  10. Bob, That is my intention, where I live one must think ahead as getting things takes time. I know the carbs will take care of the mixture when set up initially, I was just wondering about higher loads and demands. I fired up the engine the other day, generally OK but a little uneven which is to be expected. J
  11. Evening all! To those that have done this pilgrimmage before me, i seek directions? When I bought my basket-case, the engine was completely seized to the degree that the pistons had to be hacked out so buying new parts was a necessity so I thought it was a no-brainer to get the 86mm +40thou units. Now thinking ahead to the operation and particularly to the carburettors, can anyone tell me if they had to change from the standard SU needle setup? and/or or any other changes or refinements? Thank you John
  12. Thanks all for the responses. With a TR3 twin-carb setup and to those who have one unit, do you use it in all cylinders consequetitively? To those with two units do you do it in pairs consequestively e.g. 1 & 3 and then 4 & 2 or ? With 4 I guess its the best and quickest. John
  13. Does this device work and is it worth buying? Having read the advertising blurb, it seems like a useful accessory for checking mixture. Perhaps I can have the benefits ofothers experiences or views? Thanks John
  14. Bob & Tim, I have bitten the bitter bullet and ordered a replacement. When I get that I will play around with the removed one to try and discover what is wrong. Could be porosity. I'm also unsure of adhesives and ethanol, last thing I need is a failure in service with attendant risks. Tim, when you cannot identify and speak to whoever is leading a particular company, it is hard to be "firm" with an employee as he/she may just be following policy so I just "moved on" and "coughed up" it is what seems the online world expects nowadays, not what I was taught in terms of cu
  15. I revisited this issue today. After changing the clip and testing it is the same. It is definitely the body where the ferrule is inserted. Burlen responded, not very helpful, basically "buy a new one". I find that Burlen in its responses to me is arrogant! I guess that comes from having a captive market. John
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