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  1. Rod, Yes I know that haunting feeling! The Mohair hood I had on the TR6 used press-studs and they looked and worked well, it had a onneau which I used only once and it was a bitch to fit, very tight so probably as Neil said above, lack of regular use. I live on the South Coast of Ireland, Co Cork. There are not many "pro's" around here that I know of so I will have to be careful and brave! There is a sailmaker local, perhaps expertise can be found there?
  2. I feel a little better now, I can keep ignoring it!
  3. Last question for today, Attached photo of a bracket that has been watching me for a while now but I'm avoiding it as I do not know where to put it. Where does it go and what is it for? Appreciate help John
  4. Ralph, I had that book, I gave it to the guy who inserted some metal into the body for me and when I collected the body he couldn't find the book!
  5. Thanks Stuart, nice to know. I will remove the internals. John
  6. Attempted to charge the brake system with fluid (Eezibleed kit) but got no air at bleed valves at initial test. Restrictor valve (attached picture) not passing. Opened it up and examined, it is a peculiar arrangement using two opposing and differing spring pressures and pressure surfaces. I guess its purpose is to trap the fluid in the circuit with the heavier sprung NR valve whilst allowing "make-up" fluid under pressure with the lighter sprung orifice. It looks a bit dangerous to me! I looked in all the books I have but cannot find any reference to it. Looking at a TR4 brake s
  7. Peter, Good idea about the extra fabric for the side screens, how much will be needed do you think? Also do you know a trimmer who does good work on fitting the fabric to the screens? It looks a tricky job? I have ordered the covers and trim from John Skinner, he does not do widescreen recovering. I am still a bit confused over the best fasteners. I think I have the original doors and there are holes where the fasteners were previously fitted. I have grotty screens, with the wedges, not Dzus. One has remnants of fabric and it has a flap. Does the tonneau come with fast
  8. I'm convinced, relegated to the "bit bin" Thanks
  9. Thanks John & Malcolm, Malcolm, Is the website you are suggesting where correct irons can be purchased? John
  10. I have ordered Mohair. I had a TR6 some years ago with a Mohair hood and it worked well.
  11. I'm getting good value from this forum and helpful members, thanks to all. I have ordered a new hood and tonneau. Recently I read a post discussing the merits of tenex and lift-the-dot fasteners. on the doors for a better fit of the side screens. I guess at this stage I can specify the type of fastener for the door-tonneau that is best for all round use. Appreciate advice on the best option. John
  12. Thanks all, another bit for the "bits box" John
  13. Yes Bob, I prefer that bar anyway and it will suit the small-mouth.
  14. I understood when I purchased this jit some years ago that it was a straightforward fit. I am presuming that the supply comes from the oil gallery down by the filter and feeds into the back of the cylinder head, there is a hex headed screw there. Both these location screws look like UNC threads and the threads on the flexible pipe unions are much finer and smaller. Are these the correct locations? and if so I guess I need adaptors? Forgive me as I have not seen one of these fitted. John
  15. I do not have the bumper brackets, apparently the ones for the 3A are not available. It also seems that the irons for the 3 are. John
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