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  1. Thanks David, I will assess how to proceed when I have investigated further, I can't get to the car this week as away. John
  2. Stuart, Thank you for the suggestion. I was reading up the manual and it seems that a special tool is also required for assembling the hubs. This is the reason I sent the complete axle to a specialist as I did not have the correct tools or access to any. In this case I will now investigate further when I have the time and try clocking the hub for true and end float. If it needs surgery, I think I will just remove the complete axle and bring it to a local transmission supplier and see if they have an "old guy" who remembers old machinery? I find it a bit strange that when I removed th
  3. Good morning gentlemen, Thank you for the responses. The complete axle was overhauled by the specialist. I believe I did not overgrease the bearing, 3 strokes. Interestingly, when I removed the axle from the chassis originally it had a smaller brake drum on that wheel, that was replaced by the correct one during overhaul. John
  4. Good evening all, After a short first drive (act 25km) in my recently restored car I have a problem with the LH side rear hub. I did not notice anything amiss whilst driving but after returning to the car some days later I noticed a what appears to be grease/oil & grease mixed or grease that had melted and flowed through the brake drum to the ground. Wheel turns OK so a bit mystified. I tried to remove the hub but no joy, it is very tight, I do not have the special tool mentioned in the instruction manual but I made up one to use the wheel nuts against the axle end, I gave up as
  5. David, I'm only a "blow-in", 60 years here and still suspected! J
  6. David, The locals here might prefer if your profile read "Republic of Cork, Ireland" Regards John
  7. Thanks Peter & Bob, I will try and follow your advice. John
  8. Looked this topic up as I am having a lot of difficulty getting the seal to fit, I can get it in a few inches and then just will not slide and further, any tips from experienced people? John
  9. Thanks Peter, Not so easy finding the right guys here in southern Ireland. I've measured up and I reckon it is 0.8mm or 1/32" thick. I see Woolies have it and they are really good at shipping with alacrity! John
  10. Good day all, After 3 months I have received a windscreen, unfortunately my supplier neglected to complete the order and left me without the sealing rubber. Does anyone here know the type of rubber and its thickness? If I had that info I might be able to source it locally from a "Packing and Jointing: supplier. Very frustrated at this stage. John
  11. I love the neat trimming job around the doors insides and on the tunnel. Beautiful job all round, now go and enjoy it J
  12. Looking at seats today. Which side do the slide spring-loaded levers sit? It would seem logical to have them inboard ajacent to the tunnel and out of the way of foot entry but, who knows? John
  13. Thanks John, that tunnel looks very nice with the access holes and plugs. It is stretched nicely, much better than the one-piece that I now have in place. It is impossible to get it snug, I'm thinking of putting some padding underneath to try and get shape on it. Regards J
  14. OK Stuart, thanks. I will do as you suggest, fasten the cover with carpet clips as I do not want to make a hole. Regards John
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