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  1. Hi, Well I fixed it! Removed centre storeage consol, & back panel to locate the wire, found it, followed it down the passenger side beneath the carpet and it came into a multi plug where it joins onto the black/white. Nothing found there. Had a look under the centre grill cover on top of the dashboard - loads of wires & plugs. Pulled them all out one by one and found one end of a multi plug with a black/white & green/white. Fiddled about & found the other end - put them back together and the light now comes on when handbrake is applied. How on
  2. Hi I have finally changed the warning light bulb, but it still does not work when the handbrake it applied. (I managed to change a couple of the dash bulbs at the same time so it wasn't a waste of time) Looking at the wiring diagram there should be a connection from black/purple to a black/white. I have tried to trace back the black/purple from the handbrake switch but the wire seems to head towards the rear of the car beneath the carpet at the side of the transmission tunnel. Can't find it anywhere in the back of the car. Could it be threaded through the floor a
  3. Thanks for the info, i suppose it could be the bulb, but i’ll check the switch again first for continuity & report back. Cheers
  4. Was wondering if anyone could assist me in fault finding my inoperative Handbrake warning light. Initially it came on when the handbrake was applied 50% of the time but now it doesn’t work at all. I have removed the centre storage box and accessed the brake switch which appears to make contact with the handbrake when it is applied. However when I check the wire to the switch there appears to be no voltage there at all. I assume there should be, and when the handbrake is applied it forms the circuit and illuminates the light on the instrument panel. I have tried to foll
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