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  1. Another one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-EDWARDS-BOLT-SAVER-IN-ITS-ORIGINAL-BOX/184213574216?_trkparms=aid%3D888008%26algo%3DDISC.CARDS%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D225076%26meid%3D36e0cea9ac3c4c688f7d8857c73567b9%26pid%3D100035%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26sd%3D283792696648%26itm%3D184213574216%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2047675%26algv%3DDiscV1&_trksid=p2047675.c100035.m1982 Dave
  2. I might be being incredibly thick (which is not unusual) but surely the only reason to fix the plate is to aid fitting the bolt or stop the plate falling off if you take the bolt out. You also need to stop water ingress between plate & body shell to prevent corrosion. Why would rivets be any better than an adhesive as neither would seem to be adding any strength? Dave
  3. I just click on Activity, then My activity streams, and you can set up a stream to show all new posts. Dave
  4. This is my theory. When driving there is a lot more air trying to get throudh the grille than can actually get through the rad leading to a higher pressure in front of the rad than behind it. Even if the flow through the rad is only 5mph (88inch/sec) then the air is only in the core for about 0.02 sec. I doubt if the temperature rise of the air is anything like ambient to 80C in 0.02 sec. & the change in density is insignificant. As long as the fan cowl (frame) is close to the rad it doesn't make any difference to the speed of freewheeling as the speed of the air ging into t
  5. It is very sad day when such a well respected member has the little rod thay holds their balls apart stolen. Dave
  6. Before the recent forum update it was possible to access a list of forum members. This facility seems to be no longer available or have I missed something? Dave
  7. Try http://www.pilkington.com/en-gb/uk/automotive/classic-glass-for-classic-cars Dave
  8. When I first had my 4a I could only smell heat not feel it. After a lot of faffing about I found I had an airlock in the heater matrix & the only way I found to get a flow through was remove the hose from the heater valve & pour water into the hose until water came out of the heater valve then stick the hose back on quickly. Also you say you have the scuttle vent lid open. I thought this only allowed cold air into the plenum & out of the dash vents but I could well be wrong. Dave
  9. In the past I have used a company called Brammer. They have branches all over the UK & Europe. The Guys in my local branch have always been very helpful. http://www.brammer.biz/contact.htm Dave
  10. One of the things I have found very useful is a set of test leads that have small crocodile clips on the end. Particularly when checking voltages with the engine running it means you have at least one hand free to hold the meter to stop it vibrating off whatever you have rested it on & disappearing into the bottom of the engine bay. Dave
  11. Like John I have a WiFi camera to watch the hedgehogs in the garden. I use a cheap Wansview camera set to record onto the PC using free ISpy software. I think you can set this up to send alerts to a mobile & monitor the camera remotely although I haven't tried this. The biggest problem I found was setting the motion detection sensitivity but this is really because I an trying to detect quite small movements & setting up to detect large object (human) movement without too many false alarms should be much easier. Dave
  12. Quite so Roger When the car is outside for a couple of weeks I try to have the cover off as much as possible to get rid of any trapped moisture, get a good airflow underneath and dry the cover off the car. Dave
  13. Hi Monty My existing cover (Moltex) does suffer from a small amount of condensation in bad weather but I have only noticed this if taking the cover off then it is still wet. My garage is dry & well ventilated. I have tools that have been in there for 40+ years without showing signs of corrosion. Unfortunately the garage sometimes has to be used for other projects & the car has to live outside for a couple of weeks hence my need for a replacement cover to keep off the worst of the weather & the bird poo/ cat footprints. Dave
  14. Thanks Dave Dave from sunny cold Suffolk
  15. Thanks Dave. Does the inside have a smooth finish as well & is it a fairly good fit? Cheers Dave
  16. My Moltex cover bought from the club shop several years ago is in need of replacement. The shop now sells the Moltex and the Ultimate. Has anyone bought an Ultimate cover and if so what is their opinion. Thanks Dave
  17. Andy I had been thinking along those lines but was going to use the overdrive switch as I have the OD switch in the gear stick. Why would I need the diodes? Thanks Dave
  18. Hi Roger You would think it would be easy to reproduce wouldn't you. When I got home I took out the offending item. It appeared to work OK most of the time but the plastic switch block is held into the metal body by staking on each side. This seemed to have been done by a visually impaired work experience person & so it was quite loose. Not wanting to risk breaking the switch by trying to tighten the staking & wanting to use the car while trying to source a proper replacement I resorted to sliding a thin strip of plastic between the switch block & body & retaining it with
  19. Before last years MOT I had to replace the dip switch on the 4a. On Sunday I gave the car a good check to make sure everything was OK for this years M.OT. Turned up at the testing station today to find the dip switch only working intermittently. Luckily with a sympathetic MOT man & a bit of fiddling I got a pass. I know this has been discussed before but all the usual suspects seem to be selling the same switch. Has anyone got any idea of where I can get one that lasts more than 12 months? Dave
  20. Like this https://www.abbeypowertools.co.uk/elora-sockets/elora-socket-ratchets/showitem-5446.aspx Dave Kev beat me
  21. If the pin is long enough could you use something like Ebay item 221765971714 Dave
  22. I had this on the 4A. Check that the voltage stabiliser has a good earth. Dave
  23. If the DIY approach doesn't work Machine Mart sell the Clarke pressure switch you may be able to adapt www.machinemart.co.uk/p/pressure-switch-4-port-20-amp-1-phase/ Dave
  24. Well you could use a flushing oil but then could you get all that out? I really cannot believe it makes that much difference as long as you are not mixing straight mineral with synthetic. Over a period of time the properties of the oil probably change considerably anyway. Dave
  25. D Murton

    Mohair roof

    You're not supposed to plant them at all. They need space to roam & mate.
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