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  1. Many thanks to all replies & thanks to Tim for shifting my post to the correct location. Plan is to put it up in the warm spring sun on the driveway. I’ll check out the webbing straps as ChrisR mentioned. Yes, the rear flat panel that then joins the panel with the filler cap was visibly flexing, and the seam between the rear wing was obviously flexing as a result. That was my main concern or worry. I’ll get some serious heat into it before putting it up “proper” but the stress on that rear deck did concern me, & certainly would leave me with sleepless nights if I kept it up.
  2. Looking for some guidance on soft top seeming too short. Bought a TR6 a couple of months ago all starry eyed as usual & not giving it much thought. So when I gets it home I inevitably start to see the faults here and there. Some weeks later I tried to put the soft top up. This seems a good inch or so short. Sort of expecting this to be how tightness is kept in the fabric I tried a little more but this seems to flex the rear deck and the joint between the rear wings is (& previously obviously was) cracked as a result. More I tried the more this flex and crack concerned me. Ass
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