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  1. When the car was running sweet one turn of the key and it would start pretty much straight away, i did the same with the pump allowing it to build up pressure.
  2. Hi there, Ive got a bit of a problem with my 2500pi. The car will crank but wont start unless the chock is on and the throttle pedal is pushed to the floor. When you release the throttle the car dies. It recently had a new fuel pump in it, im thinking its a vacuum leak somewhere in the injection system but am open to other ideas before i change all the seals.
  3. Hello all, Im currently looking at rebuilding my triumph 2500 pi and was wondering if instead i could fit tr6 pistons etc into the orginal 2500PI block. Also how would i increase the horsepower of the 2500pi engine from 125bhp to the TR6 150bhp. Cheers
  4. Triumphant34t


    Hi all, Im a bit puzzled by this and was wanting some ideas. I recently bought a PI that is cranking but will not for the life of me start today i pulled out the injectors and found injector 1-2-6 are dribblimg fuel and 3-4-5 are getting no fuel at all. Is this a metering to engine timing issue or fuel pressure issue? Or something completely different? Any ideas appreciated Thanks
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