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  1. Don Trimming for me, mohair, great product and fit.
  2. John, so I purchased the sport system, 6-3-1 manifold to single pipe which routes to a crossbox and then twin pipe exit. It looks as per the original except a little larger. I think the manifold works much better, much free-er breathing and less ‘farty’ noise, more rorty, but settles down to a relaxed cruise. I haven’t tried the other systems so can’t compare. I didn’t like the ground clearance on the double silencer and never liked the look (wheelbarrow handles) of that system. I hated my standard exhaust sound (two farty three cyl engines in tandem), hence the change. Finally, speaking to t
  3. Tim, I took 195’s off my car, they weren’t low profile and I would say a mid-range Tyre. Steering very heavy at low speeds, not progressive at all, but yes, good grip. Looks like your 6 is tuned for performance and so I totally understand where you are coming from, but for more ‘Normal’ driving, I fully agree with aardvarks sentiments. That’s the fun of this forum, so may different views.
  4. Jonathon, any of these tyres will be a considerable improvement over what the factory fitted in the 60’s and 70’s. The XAS and CA67 because they use modern construction and materials, but true to the original tread and design (I think the CA67’s even come out of the same mold). The Vreds are a modern take on older tyres, well liked and quite a lot cheaper. I don’t ‘hooly’ around these days, preferring a brisk cross country pace and any of these are more than up top that task without any safety issues at all. Everybody has a different set of ‘drivers’ (excuse the bad pun) but any of these tyre
  5. I think this may have been covered, could anyone advise as to who supplies good quality ‘stamped’ commissioning plates if I supplied the information?
  6. Yes, I bought them with Michelin inner tubes. I don’t do many miles either. If you are sticking with stock width, then either the XAS or CA67 will be good for you. I think the XAS was standard at the factory, but the technology is much better now. In the end the thing that did it for me was, I preferred how the Pirelli looked.
  7. I fitted four Pirelli Cinturato 165 x 15 ca67’s from Longstones 6 months ago. I love them, compliant, good grip (for the width) and very progressive. No road noise to hear off and they look right on the car. The downside is they aren’t cheap, but I have no reservations. I hear the XAS is a good Tyre as well.
  8. Short but sweet video, new exhaust note.
  9. All done, I have taken Yarm out for a couple of runs now, this exhaust is fantastic. On full bore it is how a British sports car should sound (accepting this is subjective) and on part throttle, perfectly relaxed for the cruise. My TR6 is, I think, how it should be, as opposed to sounding like it had two Suzuki three cylinder engines in the engine bay previously. Quicker? Sounds it, but possibly not. Free-er, yes it defiantly makes a difference and as I said, it sounds special!
  10. I fitted Alicool, to my TR6 and Defender, great product, good value...it’s gasoline, don’t mess about.
  11. I bought a Becker Monaco period radio from Chrome London. They gut them and install DAB and Bluetooth. A decent set of speakers in the kidneys will be plenty. I have an antenna under the dash, works fine, but mostly I Bluetooth my iPod and play iTunes if I want more music than the engine can provide, great for longer trips. They are a bit pricey, but they have plenty of choice in their ‘value’ spectrum.
  12. The only question is vinyl or mohair, I love the vinyl look, but went mohair, don’t ask me why, but I’m very happy with it. Don Trimming are great to deal with and work to their quoted times, might be worth getting it professionally fitted though, it’s a handful for a layman.
  13. Just to conclude the thread, I received the exhaust and kit from TRShop. The Phoenix exhaust really is a high quality fabrication. In terms of fitting, three arms would have helped but it’s all doable. The manifold is tight, but fits, no issues with it. The pipe work fitted perfectly, no ‘body bumping’ problems, all three brackets fitted fine, though the one from the overdrive takes some figuring out. I’ll hopefully get to take it out for a run over the weekend, so likely one last post on the outcome...looks great too!
  14. I removed the existing system today, some industrial language, a lot of ‘difficult to access’ nuts and bolts and I even managed to give myself an uppercut after 1 very stubborn pipe released a little to abruptly. Awaiting Phoenix system now, hopefully here next week, a problem with gasket stock apparently holding things up. Anyway, two things: 1. When I removed the two manifolds it looked like there was some sealant on there, is it needed and if so what type/ brand would you recommend; 2. I have this full system which is in great condition, it was put on new in 2017, if anybody
  15. Nige, cover the starter motor with a bin bag or something, you don’t want all that **** all over your ‘electrics’. You might need to poke around in there to get all the crud out out, my advice, flush for 15 minutes with a hose through the thermostat.
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