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  1. It was a great project, good outcomes and pretty straightforward. We are still hoping that our French road trip goes ahead and it was for that trip that I did the project, we will have some night driving to cope with and I am hopeful that this project will really help in that respect.
  2. New springs, dampers, suspension overhaul, what next...I have run out of jobs to do...wait, what abut upgrading the lights to LEDs. I ordered the full kit from Classic Car LEDs (https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/) and it came, very well packed, easy to follow and clearly very good quality, it is a little pricey though (get what you pay for springs to mind). Rear lamps, easy, all round indicators/ repeaters, easy (including the new wiring for the flasher). Dash lights, very very fiddly, but pretty much done now. I had to drop out the small instruments and the large ones had to be slackened off and spun around a little to get at the various fittings. Finally the headlamps, great quality and an easy fit. At first I got all of the gubbins in the headlamp bowl, a bit fiddly but is just about fits, but I was worried about heat as that is where the heat sink is. I stripped it all back and used the extension lead that comes with the bulbs, to fit the gubbins in the engine bay (see photo), I’ll tidy up the wiring but it’s not that intrusive. It took a little time but it’s all done now. The result, well I went with warm white on the clear stuff, red/ amber on the stop/ indicator lamps and green on the dash. I’ve read all sorts of comments, “not any brighter’, “not really worth it”, but I am having none of it. I can actually see the dials at night, the stop lamps and exterior lighting is greatly improved and with the warm white have retained the classic ‘look’, one added bonus, I am using about a 10th of the power.
  3. Roy, here you go, smashing guy: https://www.trtrader.com/
  4. Yes, it was just very fiddly as I recall, access from top and underneath did the trick (and a lot of swearing)
  5. Hi Dave I fitted one about 6 month ago, a bit of a fiddle to fit due to access and I didn’t think the wiring instructions were overly clear, but once I figured it out it works a treat.
  6. Gents, if you do come up with a solution, please post as this is something that afflicts many.
  7. Gareth, it’s the same device as yours at the battery, a pain but avoids battery drain and adds a layer of security, albeit a small one.
  8. Sill Gap Problem


    I agree with all of the relies, it is also worth using good quality higher octane fuel, such as Shell VPower or such like, it’s a bit more expensive but easier on the valves.
  9. Hi Chris, returning to a flat battery is a worry for anybody. I have a simple battery disconnect which I always activate before I leave the car, helps with security too.
  10. Hi Pete, Duncan from Classic Car LEDs told me the issue is: “For the flasher relay, the issue you may have is the opposite side LEDs or side repeater glowing slightly when you indicate (sympathy flash). This is caused by current passing through the warning light and earthing on the opposite side indicator circuit which is enough to light LEDs but not incandescent lamps. This can be cured with ballast but this is not ideal. Ballast resistors can run very hot and also add back in all the load that you have just saved by going to LED. The change of flasher unit is a much safer and better option.” A couple of your responses confirm this already but therein lies you answer.
  11. Make sure that the earth connections are clean and ‘good’. Normal bulbs work OK even if you have a ‘scruffy’ earth, LEDs do not.
  12. Hi Phil, I had the same issue. The lock will fit mechanically, mine did, the ‘trim’ wouldn’t fit though and so I left it off as it didn’t seem to matter given the location. It is important that you get the wiring right though as the switch on the back may be different in terms of the wiring, there are two versions of that too. Good luck though, I managed to get mine sorted.
  13. When I purchased my car it came with 195 x 15 tyres, the car looked great, but heavy steering and too much grip put me off. I have fitted Pirelli CA67 165/80 x 15 and the car is transformed, less grip yes, but more feel, it rides a little better and they look great too. The car has standard road springs with Koni’s front and Armstrongs at the rear (with uprated oil). I’m very happy with it.
  14. Thank you, it all looks present, but the spline needs to be further into the UJ, am I missing something else?
  15. John, is there any chance you could post a picture of what it should look like?
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