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  1. TR8

    TR8 breakdown

    It is a TCN16....UCF. So it seems to be 1979 car. 5-speed for to US market. Thank you!
  2. TR8

    TR8 breakdown

    I changed the coil. It didn‘t work. Feels more than the ignition iterrupts. It is spluttering and finally stopps. I have to admit that I am still using the Zenith - Stromberg carburertors... I will change... Thank you!
  3. TR8

    TR8 breakdown

    It happens at every full level. It happens... when I drive the for a hour or more. I drive the car up on a mountain road („uphill“) (When I drive the car „downhill“, the car start to do the problem, but because it „rolls“ the engine restarts. I know that sounds like a fuel problem... but it feels like a ignition problem. Before it stopps it start to little breakdowns like ignition failure. PS: Do I have to change the hole ignition system or is it just some parts to change? The has still the original ignition system wich is a early electronic system.
  4. TR8


    Dear Triumph owners I bought TR8 Coupé in 2018 in the US and imported it to Switzerland. I‘m complety happy with the car. Two questions I may ask: 1. Does someone know the exact production figures of TR8 Coupé with the big sunruf? (As far as I know they builded around 400 TR8 Coupé and 40 or 44 do have this beautiful big sunroof. 2. Do tune the engine mild I found the stage 1 heads from V8tuners. Is someone experienced with this heads or know any other good head. (Street and trackday together with Holley and headers and a mild cam = 180 - 210 hp. Unleded fuel, good tor
  5. TR8

    TR8 breakdown

    I love my TR8! It’s a Coupé with the big original sun roof. All original, no rust ever. I bought it in the US about 1.5 years ago. I do have the following problem. When I drive the car for hours (4, 5...) in very warm conditions and I start to climb a mountain road (Reschenpass for example) it has a breakdown. The TR8 stopps... feels like no ignition. (The car does not overheat.) If I try to start... no way. Just runs for a second, have to wait 20‘ it runs great a again. I have had this breakdown now twice. I will change the ignition coil and the fuel pump. D
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