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  1. Plenty of food for thought there. Thanks all Andy
  2. My TR4 has an original 'push' plunger and it is, frankly, rather pathetic. I'd like to fit an electric pump but keep the appearance of the 'button' the same. Any suggestions please? Andy
  3. Ocheye


    Another question. The seat base mechanisms are currently’rattle can’ silver. Should they be black?
  4. Ocheye


    And that probably answers the other! Thanks
  5. Ocheye


    That answer's one question. Thanks
  6. Ocheye


    This is probably a silly question. I have just had my seats returned and I will have to make a decision as to whether I retain my cloth covered MX5 ones or use these ( I think they are actually for a 4A though my car is a 4). I don't know which is the driver's and which the passenger's as they are obviously 'handed". Can anyone advise before I bolt them in situ please? BTW they seem very comfy since they've been re-covered and re-stuffed Andy
  7. Because of gigging commitments over the festive period (I still work as a musician) and appalling weather, yesterday provided the first opportunity to have a decent blast in the TR4 with its' new Vredestein T-Trac 2s. We decided to visit my brother near Lockerbie and stuck to country roads and covered about 70 miles. It was wonderful. The steering is lighter and the ride much more comfortable in spite of the appalling road surfaces in the Scottish Borders. I am very well pleased with the tyres. I feel there is no need to replace the anti roll bar. The car gets better every time I drive it. Needs a good wash now. She will have to wait until 'Brendan' has passed, though!
  8. Haven't had a chance to set them up properly but so far I'm well pleased with the classic car led replacements.
  9. Arrived today. Less than 20 hours. They look the part. How they perform remains to be seen. Won't be working outside today, the weather is foul here in Cumbria. We had some snow earlier on! Andy
  10. I can confirm that the price was for a pair! I've placed my order and will report my progress although it is fair to say that I don't have a great deal to compare with as my Wipac Quadoptics are pretty useless. I have also ordered a pair of led stop/tail lights for increased safety. On the 'classic car leds' facebook page there is an old discount code which still works, giving a 5% discount. This code is UKA5YYP48SBD and is applied when you are completing an on-line order. Good to know. Andy
  11. £95.83 is for a two lamp kit. I spoke to them yesterday to discuss this and another matter and they were most helpful. Sadly the prices are ex vat Andy
  12. I've just about given up my search for cibie/valeo or hella lamps and am now considering biting the bullet and going for these (see below). I want to retain my dynamo and leds would be a good option otherwise I need good quality H4 sealed beam replacements, osram nightbreakers and relays and cable which would be not far off this price unless I go for cheapos. Thoughts anyone? https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/sb7014-sealed-beam-to-h4-led-upgrade-kit-p43t-472-llb472-glb472-bulb-globe?_pos=25&_sid=4c4a87a81&_ss=r&variant=29530489159789
  13. We'll have a look at it together shortly when we determine why my boot lid isn't sitting perfectly square. thanks for your help as ever Andy
  14. Hi I've just bought a nice stainless boot rack for my TR4 (the type that fits under the hinges and behind the number plate). I was wondering whether or not to fit flat rubber under the mounting points to save damage to the paintwork (cellulose). Will this cause any problems with the hinges as it will step them out a touch? Andy
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