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  1. If you fitted a bump stop would this not prevent the hood frame from collapsing properly and fitting behind the padded leather(ette) covers? Do you have a pic illustrating the point? Cheers Andy
  2. Does anyone know whether it is possible to buy a passenger side carpet in black for a TR4? Either the PO's passenger was a smoker or used an angle grinder but there are small burn holes around the seat runners. I suspect they cut off a bit of steel bar when fitting MX5 seats. It now has TR4A seats and the marks are a bit of an eyesore. Unfortunately I don't know the make of the carpet set to get a perfect match (black). Anyone interested in a pair of MX5 seats (Charcoal cloth) with detachable headrests? Andy
  3. Decided to blow away the cobwebs and took a short run of about 35 miles in the TR4 following an oil change. Went like a dream
  4. I think you are right about the bypass valve Andy
  5. Is it desirable to have a bypass valve, Rob?
  6. My TR4 has a spin off conversion with a Mahle OC21 filter. This has been on since the rebuild by the previous owner. As far as i can tell I have no issues but when I checked an older thread (2009) there is mention of a Mahle OC 47 (discontinued) and a Mahle OC154 (replacement). I have no idea which of the 3 (if any) is correct and am loathe to change makes. Any thoughts? Andy
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your "adventures", Roger. Hardboard seems to be the way to go Andy
  8. Hi Tony For some reason your post didn't appear before my last posting. Just in case you thought I was being a bit stupid. In fact, yours', Peters' and Andy303s' didn't appear until now. Cardboard is what I'm going to do - and well within a pensioner's budget! Andy
  9. Thanks to all for your input. Initially, I am going to check engine temperatures with my i/r thermometer and take appropriate action. Perhaps all I need to do is blank of part of the radiator 'old school' style until the spring. Andy
  10. I have seen several NOS bellows type thermostats for sale. They are marked TF4. Is this the correct one for a TR4 or is the google/eBay search misreadiing my TR4 reference? Maybe it is just coincidental that it has a similar designation. Hope that makes sense to someone Andy
  11. Surrey is sub-tropical!
  12. That may be the case but it is a significantly lower reading in the cold weather Andy
  13. I've now had my TR4 for about 15 months and have never experienced any overheating issues even though I have been stuck in stationary traffic in hot weather. It has a mechanical fan only. It always seems to hover on the line just below the 70 mark. However, in this cold weather it isn't rising much above the 30 (maybe up to 40) though the heater is functioning (though I can't say it is toasty warm in there). I haven't checked the thermostat (perhaps there isn't one) and I don't want to go down the road of switching between winter and summer ones as there isn't always a lot of difference u
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