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  1. It was MOT time for my daily driver today and because of Covid I'm leaving it over the weekend so we drove to the testing station about 4 miles away with the TR4 and the daily driver. It was very icy and we slithered around on our feet when we reached the testing station. However the TR4 was sure footed and I was able to stay in a higher gear than normal preventing wheel spin. My daily driver (Alfa 159) is much twitchier however requiring more use of the lower gears. I also had to run it for 20 mins to thaw it out but the TR had been tucked up inside so no problem there. Such a pleasure to be
  2. and if your workspace is narrow you will end up with spinner indentations on your shins! Andy
  3. "How about using an RTV silicone" Thanks Roger I'll have to see what I've got in my shed Andy
  4. Thanks. There is a rubber channel which I've used but I think I will need adhesive too Andy
  5. I have encountered another problem which I must get sorted now that the festivities are over. The channel that the glass and rubber sit in had widened and wouldn't grip although it isn't rusty. I tightened it in the vice and then couldn't get the glass in! I then relieved it and it seemed okay but, when fitted, the glass came out. Can anyone suggest the best way forward? I am loathe to use glue or silicone as I'll really struggle if I don't get it perfectly positioned. Andy
  6. For the record I ordered a set of leather washers on 21/12 from David Manners taking advantage of free postage and club discount and they arrived promptly this morning 23/12 via APC. The quality looks better than some of the photos I've seen of others. For those members who are interested, the dimensions are approx 22.45mm O/D 11.4mm I/D and 2mm thickness Best wishes to all for 2021 Andy
  7. Thanks Roger I think I'll keep the terminals at the back even if the label faces the bulkhead. I think I'm going for Exide Excell 70ah with a CCA of 540A Andy
  8. Thanks Keith I'm happy to use sealed style batteries as I have no interest in concours preferring to have a good daily driver 'warts and all'. I'd like a battery tray but am a bit dismayed by the prices Andy
  9. I'm about to replace the battery on my TR4. The existing battery has the terminals/poles at the bulkhead side but most of the batteries with the +ve on the left (viewed from the front of the car) have the terminals at the front. My cables will reach but I wonder which is correct. My car is -ve earth btw. Andy
  10. Thanks David B. I've ordered a set of washers rather than make my own. That way my belt isn't full of holes and my trousers stay up Andy
  11. It looks like John Morrison has come to my rescue. Thanks for the guidance folks. I will probably get or make some washers for the other door when I get around to it. Andy
  12. Thanks BlueTR3A-5EKT. What I can't check is the suggested thickness of the washers. I assume one goes inside the channel and one on the outside with the clip on top. Andy
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