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  1. Happy Henry has a vacuum wiper. I know the feeling
  2. My car's reg is ESU so I could call him Sue (apologies to the late Johnny Cash) or maybe Esau (on some of the Cumbrian roads it is a bit like sitting on a seesaw) Andy
  3. Many of us give our cars nicknames. I'd love to hear what names you have come up with for your TRs. My 1927 Morris Cowley (HH3807) was christened 'Happy Henry' by owner, the late Daisy Washington who owned him until her death around 1971. He is never referred to as 'the Cowley', always Henry. I haven't christened my TR4 officially but the working title is TRistan. However, watching the new series of "All creatures great and small" I am reminded that Tristan is feckless, lazy and unreliable but charming. Long term TR owners may feel that this is apposite but I have only had the car f
  4. The following pics are from my Morris Cowley Handbook (1927) Andy
  5. Ocheye


    Mobile phone, credit card and a spare pair of pants! Andy
  6. I can pop it round if you need to check it over, John Andy
  7. I had SS bumpers on my Stag and they always looked great over the 6 years that I had the car. Andy
  8. Overdrive indicator led? Tell me more Andy
  9. I have been using a Stormforce cover (9 months) that was made for an MGB (cc117) but it is too short so a bit tight on the TR4s sharp corners and doesn’t cover the bumpers. It has been fine but my fiancée surprised me yesterday with a TR Stormforce cover. Unfortunately it seems far too big even though it is the correct one (model ccc128). The underbody strap buckles are at least 9” under the sills and the whole affair is really baggy and I have to crawl about on my knees to attach it. It may be tailor made but NOT for a TR. I have sent pics to CoverZone and hopefully will hear back next
  10. I have finally sorted out my mirrors and opted for the “Ital” style mirrors from Holden with slightly convex lenses. They bolt through the door tops rather than using self tappers. It was a bit nerve racking but gave me the opportunity to sort out a few internal door issues at the same time. Thanks to all for your help and advice
  11. There are also the ignition warning lamp and main beam lamp to consider. Maybe they are included in the 8 Andy
  12. I have changed my bulbs to led because I wanted to retain the dynamo (not because I'm a stickler for originality, more because I hate parting with large chunks of cash unnecessarily! ) My instruments previously were almost invisible at night as was the car! I followed a fellow club member up the motorway as dusk was coming in one evening and it was raining with a great deal of spray. I could see the lights of the 'moderns' easily but my friend was difficult to spot. This prompted me to change mine and I feel so much safer. I have done every bulb bar the ignition bulb. The dynamo copes wel
  13. My thoughts were to attach it using velcro under the glove box. I'm no further on as it is either raining or I'm driving it! Another 100 miles under the belt yesterday. Loving it Andy
  14. Thanks Chris it is likely to be mainly used for my SatNav and charging my iPhone but occasionally though importantly for my small tyre inflator Andy
  15. It just worried me when they say "The provided vehicle power cable must be used in the vehicle in order for the device to operate and charge the battery simultaneously. The device cannot be charged by a USB cable in the vehicle. When connected to a computer or vehicle via USB cable, your device may present a message stating "The attached cable cannot currently charge your device." This behavior is normal. While the device does receive enough power from the computer or vehicle to remain powered on and to operate, it does not receive enough power for the battery level to increase".
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