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  1. just found it on Google: http://www.doretti.info/images/factory/factory-press-release.pdf Could that be corect? No black paint?
  2. Does anybody of you know, in which colors the Swallow Doretti was available?
  3. Mainly because of the great Average Clock.
  4. Hi Nigel, yes, it is a Brantz Retrotrip with additional Back Tracker (below the dash). Actually, I am going to offer it for sale, since I am upgrading to a Rallycounter S2 with AV Clock. Interested? ->send me a message!
  5. Hi Cameron, take a look at this thread. I recently installed an Aston cap to my TR2: I can highly recommend the Mocal ones! Yes, they are expensive, but it is worth it. Here is the full Mocal brochure: https://irp-cdn.multiscreensite.com/e112be6e/files/uploaded/cap2.pdf
  6. Thank you for the pictures, Tom. However, I am looking for photo of the attached bracket.
  7. Does anyone have a picture of this bracket which illustrates, how it is mounted to the dash? Is it attached to the glovebox, or to the dashboard?
  8. The metal box has been installed by the previous owner. It is a custom made stainless steel box, which contains lots of spare and wear parts. The car itself has been used for long distance travels through Europe, and the previous owner optimized the luggage in every way.
  9. Thanks for the link, Rob. Yes, I did. Sums up to ~£200 +shipping. If anyone has used parts, I would prefer it that way.
  10. Hello everybody, my TR2 unfortunately has wrong lids on the carburetors' floating chambers. Aiming for a higher level of originality, I would like to change the lids. Therefore, I am in search of the following parts: 2x Later Style T2 Float Lid LH (AUE 998) 1x Single Brass Banjo - Solder on 5/16" O.D Pipe (AUC 2695) 1x Double Brass 180° Banjo - Solder on 5/16" O.D Pipe (AUC 2699) Who could help?
  11. Good choice! I picked the same.
  12. Hi Roger, thank you for your help. I tried to send him a message, however it says that he cannot receive messages. @mike ellis, please allow me to attract your attention to my inquiry by linking you in this post.
  13. I am looking for the bracket which is mounted within the glovebox, to give support to the glove box lid. no 33 on this plate: https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr2-4a/interior/dashboards-consoles/dashboard-tr2-3a-1953-62.html It's only available for LHD, but I need it for RHD. Any idea, where I can find it?
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