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  1. Thank you, both. Is the sticker somewhere attached on the engine bay pictures, @Deggers?
  2. @ianc - sure, you are completely right So let me rephrase the question: Which of the sticker designs around is the most period correct and where should it be out/makes the most sense?
  3. Hi everyone, has there originally been any „Positve Earth“ warning sticker on the TR2? If yes, on which spot, and which design? I’m curious to learn more about.
  4. Wow, that is cheap! Unfortunately, slightly too small if you aim for the original size.
  5. They hold for 1,5 years and ~ 3.000km now, without any sign of wear. Just as Ian says, Neodymium magnets are very very strong, and the epoxy adhesive does its job to keep them together with the leather straps. In the meantime, I added small squared pieces of transparent paint protection film below the magnets.
  6. Wow, that transformation looks great! Indeed, very close to what I am considering. Did you drill holes to attatch the bonnet straps? I attached mine with magnets: What is the diameter for the white number stickers and what did you pay for them?
  7. That was not my intention, at all. I did not expect compliments when asking this question. In my eyes, the blinky chrome bumper somehow contradicts to the "rally appearance" and details such as Aeroscreens, Aston fuel filler cap, TOW arrows, leather bonnet straps, spot lights. But maybe, I am wrong and it should leave it as it is. Another idea of mine is, to put on some rallye numbers (sides +bonnet +trunk), either only the white circles, or with the additional black number: (Photoshop illustration) What do you think of that idea? Too flashy?
  8. Thank you @BlueTR3A-5EKT for your words. :-) I am still not sure about my fron appearance "project" - this is why I am interested in your thoughts. The stop watch is a 'Hanhart Addition Timer 1/5 sec'. These are widely available on ebay and offer great value for money. It is attached with a stopwatch clip, like this one. (Since it was not possible to attach this stopwatch clip directly to my steering wheel, I added a small metal braket clamp behind it.
  9. I am currently considering to redisgn the front appearance of my apple green TR2, to give it a more "rally look". My idea is, to detach the bumper, to attach... an anti roll bar (e.g. this or this, which one is correct?) a sump gard (e.g. this one from Racetorations (damn, it is expensive)) to lower the Marchal spot lights and attach them similar to this picture What are your thoughts on that idea (especially when looking at my apple green TR2)?
  10. +5 recore. Did it with mine, last year, cost me ~500€. I kept the starter handle hole for originality reasons. (even made it a little bit bigger, to ensure that the starter handle would fit, even when the radiator sits slightly to high or too low behind the grill.)
  11. I would be interested in the TR Shop spacers, as well. https://www.trshop.co.uk/special.html I am considering to fit 4,5"x15" (60 spokes) wires, in combination with the "hub kit" (spinners) and the additional spacers to my TR2. Anyone, who already did so?
  12. I am considering to detach my front bumper of my TR2. Therefore I am looking for sharp looking holder for the spot lights and the licence plate. Some time ago, I saw a great self made solution (I think it was a red car). Maybe it was someone of you? If not, you may have got another good solution?
  13. @TR4Tony VC Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. Would it be possible to upload the pictures in a higher resolution? It's kind of hard to spot details in this low resolution. Thx.
  14. Me, as well. :-) It works electro mechanically. The sensor is attached to the speedo spindle, the counters work electronically. However, it's kind of tricky with its fully metal case in a positve earth car.
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