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  1. Be aware that the tripod head lights won't pass the German TÜV (MOT), as far as I know.
  2. Thanks for the input, bob. I will have to check. Last year, when switchting to LED for instruments illumination, I remember that i pulled out a blue plainted bulb and replaced it by an LED one. I don't remember an additional lens/disc.
  3. That is interesting, Stuart. Mine is blue (TS8431). So I should change it against a red one.
  4. Hello Oliver, nice to see another great looking TR2, here. First recommendation from my side: Replace the orange TR3 side indicators by the original white glasses. That was also one of my first improvements when I acquired my TR2. That would make your TR2 look so much better. glasses: https://www.limora.com/de/englische-marken/triumph/triumph-tr2-bis-tr4a-1953-1967/elektrik-zuendanlage-heizung-und-armaturenbrett/vorderer-blinker-und-standlicht/glas-9678.html You will also need orange bulbs: https://www.ebay.de/i/122547039378
  5. Same was for me, and I am still not 100% sure that the steels are the best option. Another option I considered was to change to wider steels of TR6 (5,5 of 1969):
  6. imho, steels look best, silver painted wires second.
  7. I didn't know that. Do you have a picture on how the curve of the screen becomes visible?
  8. Was the Overdrive Switch on TR2 different to the egg shaped of TR3??? How should the TR2 overdrive switch look like?
  9. Great transformation! Looking sharp! No minilites, please! Imho, silver painted wire wheels would look great and would match the grill perfectly! 60 spokes are closer to originality, but I agree - 72 are looking awesome.
  10. What a great picture, Andrew! Composition, colors, exposure,... everything is just perfect!
  11. @Lebro, which LEDs would you recommend for the front indicator lights? Maybe these? https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/2x-bay15d-warm-white-and-amber or these? https://www.classiccarleds.co.uk/products/bay15d-1157-warm-white-and-amber-tail-sidelight-and-indicator-combined-led-380?variant=5999694184477 Do I need an additional relay?
  12. Does anyone have a picture of a TR2/3(a/b) with silver painted (60spoke) wire wheels? I could image, that silver paint matches very well with the aluminium stoneguard on the rear wing.
  13. Maybe they have been painted in several ways. Here is an evidence for body color (check out the first picture on the left side): http://tr4a.weebly.com/inside-the-triumph-factory-tr3.html
  14. If anyone has used these float lids or brass banjos left over, please drop me a message. I would highly appreciate that.
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