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  1. Me, as well. :-) It works electro mechanically. The sensor is attached to the speedo spindle, the counters work electronically. However, it's kind of tricky with its fully metal case in a positve earth car.
  2. The cheapest way for very accurate trip metering is a cycle tacho. Go for a premium brand, such as VDO, Sigma Sport, etc. which are fast in updating speed and distance, and accurate enough in terms of "resolution". The VDO M3.1 WR, which I use as a digital speedo, gives you a resolution of 0,xx km. I callibrated it by measuring a distance of 10x the circumference of the wheel in milimeters, (approx 20 meters), devided it by 10. I repeated this procedure several times and calculated the average. I ended up in an accuracy of +/-0,1%. However, using it as the only tripmaster for rallyi
  3. looks good, especially on the powder blue.
  4. That looks great and is indeed an extremly high level of originality. Even the foam coating of the hand brake is correct! I found your historic photo here: Do you have a detailed picture of the passengers side? Could you explain what all the instruments are, and their purposes?
  5. Great to hear! I wish you all the best! Would you like to show us your cockpit for this Saturday? ;-)
  6. Here is a picture of my former (Spitfire Mk3) rally cockpit: radio controlled clock atb Average Speed Calculator Hanhart Split-Seconds Addition Timer 1/5 stopwatch Hanhart Addition Timer 1/5 sec stopwatch BRANTZ Retrotrip BRANTZ Retrotrip Back-Tracker
  7. Only very few of the forum members seem to participate in regularity rally events. At least I do not see very many pictures of rallye cockpits, here. Is that truth? This should be a photo thread of regularity rally cockpits. Here is my picture of my TR2 cockpit: VDO M3.1 bicycle tachometer MIG 29 board clock AY-C-1 (identically constructed as the Jaeger Le Coultre board clock which where used in TR3 Works rally cars in the late 50s) VHclassics Rallycounter S2 tripmaster with AV Clock atb Average Speed Calculator (attached by a double sided magnet (detachable) In the meantim
  8. That sound's interesting. So you have white glas lens installed at the back? Could you post a picture?
  9. Looking good! What did you pay in total, including shipping to Germany?
  10. Thank you for all you good advice. I was lucky to get a competition axle from a Triumph expert, nearby.
  11. What about this one from Abarth? https://www.ebay.de/itm/Triumph-TR3-TR3A-TR4-Abarth-2-part-ABARTH-NOS-Auspuff-Exhaust-system-/223474837720
  12. So you woud recommend these? Or do I overread any subtle irony in your post? That would for sure be the more reliable way. Besides the lack of originalty, that sounds like a way more expensive way. Where do I get a proper Girling axle and for what price?
  13. Yesterday, my sunny evening summer ride ended very abruptly with the breakage of the right half shaft. Which half shafts do you recommend for replacement? The ones from Racetorations not only seem to be "uprated", but also be the cheapest I could find? Would you replace both sides at the same time?
  14. body color - check: http://tr4a.weebly.com/inside-the-triumph-factory-tr3.html (first picture bottom left)
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