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  1. Pezza


    Roger you are a star thank you
  2. Pezza


    Hi I'm doing the clutch on the TR6, I have a leak coming from the rear of the Overdrive where the prop shaft flange goes in to the Unit Can I remove the nut and take the Flange off and just replace the seal or is there a pre load on this nut. Also if not and I can does anyone know the Torque setting? Thanks
  3. Pezza

    Lucas fuel pump

    Thanks for that
  4. Pezza

    Lucas fuel pump

    Thanks it’s Perry but I’m called Pezza, the cut of is ok cause when I put the wire direct through the cut out I get battery voltage at the pump. Plus the resistance across the cut out is ok. I think I will end up with a pump kit and wiring kit from TRGB thanks for your your helpful advice have a great weekend.
  5. Pezza

    Lucas fuel pump

    Thanks the battery was 12.5v. The feed to the cut off from the ignition was 11.5v when I put a wire direct to the pump feed wire under the bonnet the car starts first time every time. And thank again for the info.
  6. Pezza

    Lucas fuel pump

    Hi all, I'm not getting 12volts at the pump, I know I am losing it between the ignition and the fuel cut off. I intend to run via a relay/battery and an in line fuse a new wire to the pump. Anyone advise on ampage of wire I need ? Ta
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