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  1. Hi Stuart, Bought car in 2010 restoration finished 2019 chassis was restored by CTM. I agree thread 17 years old same issues in 2021. Went for a ride out with TR register yesterday firsy guy l spoke to with no mention of my issue has bought a week ago Telescopic conversion from TR shop brackets wont fit has had to get them modified. TR shop said they never had a problem l spoke with them 3 weeks ago they told me the same.
  2. Hi Biffo, I have just purchased the rear telescopic conversion with Konis's from the TR Shop for £339 only to find the same problems as you have had hence why l started to look on the internet to see if l was the only one to suffer this issue. You thought it was your Heritage Chassis that had caused your problems but this not the case as l have a standard factory Chassis that is giving the same problems. Most people who fit these conversions never check whether there bumps stops work & are unware of the bumps stops not being able to do there job as the shock absorber is bottoming
  3. Hi Bruce, My new Wiring loom was bought from autosparks so l will have to check if this has wiring to fuel pump is of the thickness you mention. As far as fuel leaks go l have no leaks or stale fuel in the tank & car runs fine once it is started & restarted from hot also only when sitting for a few weeks then l have the problem trying to restart from cold.
  4. Hi Alan, My pump is a Bosch unit & l have fitted a new wiring loom but guess that makes no differance wiring is not one of my strong points what has be done to increase to 13amps ? Richard.
  5. When you say adjusted correctly do mean when you pull the choke fully out the lever on the metering unit is pulled right back as far as it will go? Have heard many saying they have over wintered there car & first start up fired within a few turns so if the PI cars are set up right they should all do the same suely ?
  6. Hi Mick, Thanks for the reply. Yes it is a PI sorry for got to mention that little detail. I am starting the car as you have described but if battery was down on charge it would pull the battery to the point of not having enough energy left to start as it is taking too long to fire on any of the cylinders but once it is warm no problem. Not sure if there is a non return valve in the metering unit as well as in the fuel line?
  7. Having a problem starting my Tr6 from cold when it sits for any length l was thinking it must be fuel drain back but not sure it has a non return valve are these common to fail or is it another problem l have ? Once its started it will start ok any help would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Panch, I have the same problem but only on 3 bolt heads two on drivers side of engine second & third one back from timing case & one on left side towards the bell housing cured this one with sealant, but unable to stop the other two from leaking. My thoughts are that it must be the gasket that has not been fitted correctly but now hearing your problem l am not so sure. What grade oil are using ? since l changed my oil that must of been to thin & replaced with 20/50 it has reduced the leak.
  9. I have done it the other way round l bought the E type a few years ago & have now sold it then bought the TR6.
  10. I find it strange that the Tr6 is a very popular car but just has not climbed invalue any where near the likes of Aston Martin or Jag E type . l know they are a notch up on the TR6 but since 2013 l have been following these prices & they seem to be stagnant even though parts to restore these cars have gone up & up & are not dissimilar to Aston or Jag.
  11. Hi, I would just like to say thankyou to everyone that replied to my question with there recommendations.
  12. Need to buy a set of summer tyres 195/65/15 which there are many choices but they all seem to look like they pritty basic for high MPG etc. Can any one recommend a Performance tyre that has good grip in the dry /wet weather that is not a stupid price not bothered how long they last as age will kill them first ?
  13. Does any one here have the dimensions for a 1973 TR6 radio centre console side panels or have an old scrap one they would sell so l could copy from?
  14. Thanks just bought a pair thanks for your help.
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