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  1. Thank you for the comments. Like all of our cars, it's a work in progress. Presently there are two matters on the EFI conversion that are focusing my attention 1. in the near future I plan to take my car to a shop that specializes in tuning ECUs. It's time to have a professional review the settings 2. I'm troubled by the location of the throttle cable - that's the one cable that goes right over the top of the engine. Not only is it unsightly (sorry, but true), but it is not great control. If I cannot figure it out in the next bit, I might post another message asking for suggestions.
  2. Hello Waldi and Michael, thank you for your interest Here is a photo from last year of the other side. D
  3. Now that my TR6 has been happily functioning for a couple of weeks, I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to this conversation. At the end, my mechanic recommended and I agreed that we replace the Rimmer pump and filter with Bosch fuel pump 0 580 254 979 Bosch fuel filter 0 450 905 021 (I know, I probably spent too much - but I really wasn't keen on tow number three.) Again, thanks to everyone who shared their advice; I really appreciated it. Owners of TR6s with EFI in North America are lonely! I thought the group would be interested in seeing what my convers
  4. Thanks to everyone who has responded to this thread. The specifications and other details have been very helpful. Yes I should have asked these questions before I bought my pump. My only defence is that I thought that if I bought a pump from Rimmer that it would be reliable, suitable for use and failure in the short term would be supported by their warranty. An expensive education! Just for an update - I found an Airtex brand pump with the correct output specifications on RockAuto, one of the large US online autoparts dealers. My local garage will fit it, and with any luck I'll be back o
  5. Casar66 and Jim F 1. Would either of you gentlemen be good enough to look up the product code numbers of your fuel pumps? 2. In this way I will know that these two pumps work successfully for a PI TR6. Hopefully I'll then be able to look up their specs and purchase one or the other or a pump that meets those specs. Many thanks D (Jim F: Rimmer doesn't offer the Bosch pump. I purchased a 'Bosch type' from them, with no identifying marks. The staff I spoke with at Rimmer don't know the specs of their pump, which is why I'm posting - and stuck!)
  6. Casar66 and John L 1. Thank you for your responses. 2. Copied below is a stock photo of the pump (on the left on the left of course!) from RImmer. , Also copied below is a stock photo of the type of regulator (I don't have the stock number at hand), which came from Aeromotive. 3. The problem was diagnosed as the pump since the output is about 20 psi. So I do not think the problem is the interia switch. Appreciate any help you and others can provide. Thanks again D
  7. Hello Pardon the basic nature of this enquiry. I am writing from Toronto; here in North America there is not much experience in conversions to PI. Specifically I’m writing for some guidance on where I can find a replacement fuel pump, or at least detailed specifications for the ‘214347BOSCHTYPE’ carried by RImmer. I believe the output of Rimmer’s pump is 105 psi, but it would be helpful to find the flow rate. The Rimmer site isn’t that helpful, and their staff don’t have the information. Why am I looking for this information? In February last year I bought my original pump
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