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  1. Many thanks everyone, great international response, and it seems a split verdict. Albeit non paint stripping does have its appeal! However, I think I will be sticking to Dot 4 if only to save changing all the other rubber components in the system! David
  2. Hello, I am going to attempt upgrading the front discs on my 1981 TR7 V8 this week, and wondered about also going to Dot 5 brake fluid, to avoid the hygroscopic tendencies of Dot 4. I have read that the system has to be flushed to purge the old Dot 4 fluid but otherwise are there likely to be any problems? Anyone had any experience of this? Thanks, David
  3. I have a 1981 silver TR7 convertible (V8 conversion) and want to tackle some rust on the passenger door window frame (strangely none at all on the driver's side). Does anyone know what paint code or description is the correct one ? It looks like a matt or perhaps satin black but would rather get it right as the car is (apart from the engine/gearbox!) largely as standard ( wheels changed since photo, and I suspect a blue hood was not original? Oh well maybe not so standard after all!). Thanks!
  4. Had a great run in the TR7 V8 this weekend but then washed the car to get rid of the muck, step back to admire the gleam, and one headlamp pod is raised..then gradually jerks down in steps until closed, when the other side jerks up in 4 or 5 steps to fully raised, then jerked down and reverts to other one, and so on. Slight electrical burning smell in cockpit, so undo fuse cover and which fuse? Couldn't find anything in manuals other than which one is dipped beam - removed those but no effect, the pods are still winking alternately. So tried turning ignition on and switching on the lamps,
  5. Thanks for all the help and advice. Issued sorted and I feel something of a numbskull. Yes then engine was getting hot but what I took to be steam/boiling coolant was actually oil burning off - the car had a big oil leak which has now been sorted and problems resolved...well this one at least!
  6. Help, having had a great morning run out in my TR7 V8 with the roof down and parked amongst several other Triumphs of various types, my son who was driving my MGB V8 parked nearby with a line up of MGBs and Midgets. Now with apologies for raising a query here that isn't strictly technical but not sure where else to post...I took both sets of keys for both cars, and came back with both TR7 keys but only one set of MGB keys. So if you went to the Bicester Scramble on Sunday 7th Jan, is there any remotest fluke of a chance that you stumbled across a set of MG keys on an MG key ring? Yes I know v
  7. Many thanks both, I feared that the head gasket may be the issue but hoped for a simpler answer . I will investigate further at the weekend when I can get under the bonnet. Thanks for your advice. David aka TReslaV8
  8. Hi there, as newbie TR7 V8 owner, I have acquired a recent conversion with (I think) an SD1 V8 which on a recent run round the M25 and M3 at a steady 50-70mph (yes even on the M25!) the temp gauge showed N but upon stopping at Fleet services some steam wisped out. Opened the bonnet, and much steam, quite a bit from around the exhaust manifold, and loosening the overflow tank cap, a lot of pressurised hot water spurted out. So the car has new rad, twin fans (which are working) , the heater still pumping out hot air into the car, belts tight, but the coolant (which was replaced only a few we
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