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  1. Hi Conrad Yes I know its a boot badge, It was just to show the paint, but i have 2 250s here from the states and they both have the side badges with the cream enamel and nost detled pictures i have sen they also have the cream infill. So, bit confused. David
  2. Hi Thanks for your great response. I have contacted Pamela David but had no response as yet. I have also contacted several other manufacturers but the price is astronomical for just the two badges. They are in fact a die cast metal ( what appears to be brass looking at the pins. ) My real concern is that the cream infill is not enamel but either an enamel paint or some sort of plastic? I have a spare of an original rear badge ( Picture attached: which is identical in make up but the side badges are 30mm longer and about 5mm thinner) and it does not appear to be enamel. I will follow up t
  3. Hi I am nearing the end of a complete renovation of my 1967 TR250 and am struggling to find either replacement or new rear wing badges as mine are somewhat worn.I have hunted in the states and in the UK. with no luck. Getting new ones made is expensive and no one is sure whether they are paint infill and chrome letters or are enameled. They certainly do not look like regular enamel cream infill so i have ground to a halt. I wondered if anyone knew what the actual make up is and where i might get them renovated or replaced? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Regards David
  4. Hi I have a really nice TR250 1967 and am nearing the end of its renovation. The rear wing side badges are very faded and I am struggling to find new or good condition original ones. I have tried here and in the states and no luck. I am not sure that they are enamel and chrome or some kind of cream paint infill. I was hoping to find who made the originals or get help on the exact make up and how to find two replacements. Any thoughts? David
  5. I am thinking of buying a TR250 from California. I have found one in pretty good condition. It all seems to be correct. It has mixed Vin and Engine numbers which the owner tells me is quite common for TR250s. I am a TR3A owner and i have to say do not know too much about the TR250/5 models. \ Can anyone give me any thoughts?
  6. Hi Yes I got mine from E Bay, supposedly a specific belt for TR3s? D.
  7. Thanks all. It looks like the 3 point belt seems to have it. I realize that its only of any real practical use at very low speeds. Best be careful!
  8. Hi There I am a new member and have just bought a TR3A. Its a lovely car but I have a problem in that it does not have any seat belts and i want to fit them. My question is whether it is better to fit a three point belt or a lap belt? I have see many pictures of both types fitted. I feel that the 3 point would be safer, but other TR3 owners i know have fitted lap belts. Finally if i fit a three point belt can anyone recommend which points are best to fit it to? Thanks David
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