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  1. The Capri 2.8i conversion - mine came from S+S - comes with calipers, spacers and ventilated discs. Give the guys at S+S a ring, they'll give you full details. Mike
  2. Tom S&S Preparations list the head/manifold gasket, part no SAS70215 - ring them on 01706 874874 Cheers Mike
  3. Haven't tried spacers that thick, Steve, but on general principal I'm agin it - I've always thought it would put a big load on wheel bearings. What are they for? If they are to give you different stud spacing to alllow a wider choice of wheels I think you'd be better off getting 'blank' wheels and having them drilled at the correct spacing. Mike
  4. I've seen them advertised, damned if I can remember where...........why not give S+S or Robsport a ring - whichever is closest to you- and ask if they know anything? Mike
  5. Jo Your best bet would be to give S+S a ring - they're generous with free advice, and will almost certainly be able to fix you up with what you need. Mike
  6. Stag! Every time! And I wouldn't even mind if it had a Rover V8, as long as I could have a 5-speed 'box as well! Mike
  7. Stevie - can't help personally, but why don;t you give S+S or Robsport a ring - they will gladly offer advice. Good luck mate Mike
  8. Rhodri is right - diff reassembly (crown wheel and pinion) requires the use of collapsible spacers, mystic calculations and other examples of the dark arts. Rebuilt diff from a known supplier is the route I would take. Mike
  9. Bryan I KNEW you shouldn't have tried to change those calipers..................... Mike
  10. Bryan Before reconnecting the heater bear in mind the main reason people disconnect them in the first place - leaking core and/or rusted pipes where they enter the core! It,s easier to disconnect the heater on a summer use only car than to strip the dashboard right back to the bulkhead to fix the problem! Mike
  11. Kevin Who is this Steely Resolve you've been in pit with - sounds like one of those silicon assisted American porn star ladies! Mike
  12. Mike Black sealant goo applied between windscreen/stainless trim and trim/ windscreen frame did it for me. It is applied from a cartridge with one of those gun things - can't remember the name of the goo, but your local windscreen specialist will be able to point you in the right direction. It's also worth checking the seal round the wiper spindles - they can leak, especially the drivers side. Good luck Mike
  13. mikehardwick


    Mike Why not go for 15" MGF rims? You'll have a good selection of tyre to choose from, and the wheels are easy to obtain - usually a set available on the 'bay, and you have several styles to choose from. Note, you'll need MGF wheelniuts, and - in some cases - 6mm spacers can be needed. Mike (This is silly, one of us needs to change our name!)
  14. Mike If you're going to farm the job out, I'd recommend S&S every time - they're only 50 miles from Liverpool centre, M62, M60, M66, A56, A682 for a short distance, A681 and you're there. Mike (Another one!)
  15. Rob My 64000 mile TR7 (V8 for the last 10000) is still on it's original gearbox, has been run on ATF from new without problems. I find 2nd gear is a bit reluctant from cold, and synchro on 3rd is getting a tiny bit weak, but the 2nd gear problem is a characteristic, and 3rd will probably soldier on like that for another squillion miles! Mike
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