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    Have you bought a 1972 red Tr6 ouv 593L in a car auction in the last 10 months?,if so, I can fill you in with the car's history from 1972 to April 2004. e mail me at michelle.odellmichelle@wanadoo.co.uk Simon
  2. go to your local scrap yard and get one out of a triumph dolimite/ british leyland car for a small fee and graft into the indicator circuit. Simon
  3. I had the same problem 21 years ago,i tightened up the wheel bearing (far too much!) And guess what? The stub axle sheared off, fortunately for me at a very low speed. The ignorance of youth! Simon
  4. I just been watching a video of 1969 tv show called catweazle in the episode called the magic face a damask red tr6 reg number prw 741G driven by two ladies appears throughout the episode.Does this car still exist. Simon
  5. I bought HBXN 435N from Humphries Brothers of Fleet, Hampshire in June 1983.Isold it to Enginuity of Hammersmith in October 1988. They said that the car was going to Australia, but I don't know for sure. Prior to me owning the car, it lived near Portsmouth. Thanks in advance. Simon (Current owner, second owner of 1972 TR6 which I bought in 1997)
  6. simon tr6

    Help wanted

    Where do you live in the country? There maybe a member living close to you,who will give you a hand. Simon
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