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  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who voted for my TR5. It won the day and was voted Best in Show car from those shorlisted by Sir Stirling Moss for the competition on the Saturday of the Goodwood Revival. It was also an additional huge privilege to meet the great Sir Stirling!
  2. Hi Don. Yes that's right you have to provide your details but according to the T's & C's you also have to be a UK resident so guessing that you probably can't vote anyway! Cheers, Simon
  3. Roy, in answer to your question when it was restored it was re-commissioned for road use. Regards, Simon
  4. Many thanks to all (too many to respond to individually) who have posted to say they have voted/will vote and to anyone else who simply votes. As Alec said in his post yesterday (thanks for the words!) I was very excited when I learnt about the short listing and would of course love for a Triumph to win on the day. My first car was a Triumph (Spitfire Mark IV) bought in 1977. On another note, I gathered from one post that Mike Pumford was not well. I spoke to his son last night and it appears he is suffering from a pretty invasive cancer and is due to undergo surgery next Tuesday. Here is
  5. Thank you for your support. I am a recent member of the Register and 45049 is my membership number. I am new to posting and it was Roger Ferris who recommended that I post here. I had not expected that it would provoke such a hostile reaction from some and assumed I was joining a supportive community of fellow Triumph lovers. For those who are interested the car has racing history having been campaigned by Mike and Jeff Pumford before winning the TR Register Championship in 1995 driven by Joe Henderson. In 2002 it won the Mid Ohio 50th Triumph Anniversary race driven by Chris Petch. It was tot
  6. I have been lucky enough to have my TR5 short listed by Stirling Moss for a best in show competition being held at the Goodwood Revival on September 12. Ten cars are being displayed each day and the TR is on display on the Saturday and the only Triumph over all three days of the Revival. There is a vote each day for the best of the ten cars on display that day. Trying to drum up so if anyone is able to support please click on the link below and vote for car no. 3.May a Triumph win! Many thanks! http://www.peterjamesinsurance.co.uk/2015_revival_car_show_best_in_show/rcs-bis-saturday-shortl
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