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  1. All just dropped car off for MOT and the Side & Rear lights not working despite checking last weekend during pre MOT checks. Had a wiggle round and it seemed to be the actual light switch as all of sudden they started working. Anyway seemed to be OK lets hope it functions for duration of the Inspection. Is this a common issue and can the switch be dismantled to repair ? My Car is a 1975 CR if this makes any difference Thank you in advance Andy
  2. Whats interesting is that Mocal want £71.50 + vat = £85.80, where as Moss now offer these for £50 including vat which i was considering until i read this discussion. Begs the question does the Moss item originate from Mocal or China ? I want to buy one of these in time for my next oil change so am unsure where to go for the best quality item. Any ideas Andy
  3. All I notice the ebay supplier also sells these without the BL logo applied, looks like the same fitment and overall dimensions. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-x-PAIR-NO-LOGO-PLAIN-BLACK-SEATBELT-GUIDES-SINGLE-POST-HEADREST-UNIVERSAL-CAR-/181970478700 Andy
  4. Would anybody know if something of the nature was available when the cars were new, or is this something thats come about as the cars have become classics.
  5. Yes thanks really pleased with end result, Correct Ebay purchase & yes i might try for the commission, although i won't hold my breath !!!!! another picture of both seats Andy
  6. Hi All Managed to depress the spring clips through seat back to release. Really impressed with fitment and the way they function, certainly stop seat beats getting stuck behind the seats. I also like they way they look and "not too bolt on goody" Picture attached Thanks for all your help Andy
  7. Hi All Need your help been bought for Christmas a pair of the seat belt guides and to fit these i need to remove the headrests, is there a special knack or trick to remove these without dismantling the whole seat assembly. Your help would be greatly appreciated thank you Andy
  8. Apologies spell checker problems Still = Steel Read = Rear
  9. Simon Did mine on my own on my driveway earlier this year, my drive is gravel based so placed some sheets of galvanised still on ground to stop ramps/jacks sinking. My method was 1. Drive on to ramps 2. Raise off these with jack and support with stands (wood between chassis and stands), i increased height about 50mm (2") above ramps so wheels can rotate. 3. undo three drive shaft points 4. remove middle and read section of exhaust 5. manufacture a wooden crate to support diff & mount on end of trolley jack 6. Raise to support diff and remove 4 mountings 7. Lastly lower to ground and slide it out on trolley jack. Only real issue i had was angle of the car was at, versus angle the trolley jack raises the diff on re installation, i did it on my own but had to wiggle it & sweat a bit to make it align up. Pictures attached Andy
  10. Hi Mike, removed mine myself earlier in the year and had it refurbished by A1 Gearboxes in St Neots. Mine was noisy and leaked on pinion seal. Really Nice people, turned it around in about a week. Although must admit not enough longevity testing to be sure, but so far pleased. hope this helps
  11. john all the folds were completed using black and decker workmate with pre cut lengths of wood to achieve bend clearance . tend to agree, match the valve cover, although not sure how well paint will adhere to alloy unless you get it anodised Andy
  12. John I fabricated something very similar on my TR6 last year and have been very pleased with end result, prefer the un painted natural finish as it matches valve cover. Hope this helps Andy
  13. All Update on this weekends work on car to evaluate my hot starting problem Readings taken Ignition ON Fuel Pressure = 94 PSI Supply Volts at pump = 12.30 volts Engine running Fuel Pressure = 95 PSI Volt Reading taken at Battery & Fuse supply for Pump = 14.4 volts My battery 335 cold cranking amps 58 amps Pump set up Bosch pt no 0580254996 mounted in rear wheel arch fed by Lucas CAV filter into Lucas PRV Feed wire has been changed but i cannot see any relate fitted and it has bypassed shut of valve My Next stage is to change CAV filter and then adjust Pressure relief valve to increase fuel pressure to 106 PSI target. What do you guys think ? i am going about this in the right order to diagnose problem. Thanks in advance Andy
  14. John http://www.wilshers-garage.com/rolling-road Peter Baldwin has always had positive feedback in my experience based at Wilshers Garage in Orwell Cambridgeshire, see attached link He used to race classic mini's and there are some fantastic videos on youtube of him in action. It is my Intention to take my car to him when ready Andy
  15. John thanks for your feedback but i was enquiring as to whether anybody had used one of these for PI Fuel Pressure test ? 100+ PSI and if so how did it perform ? I also have used something similar for compression testing but my question was connected to fuel pressure testing. Andy
  16. Looking on Fleabay has anyone used one of these ? any positives or negatives ???? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Fuel-Injection-Pressure-Tester-Car-Tool-Kit-Ford-Vauxhall-GM-Test-Port-Schrader-/400504741346?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_3&hash=item5d3ff15de2
  17. I have been looking at this also and have noticed TR Shop has these shown in their brochure online
  18. Mike Many thanks for the update, sounds like you have cracked it. I am yet to check the fuel pressure at MU as have not got all the equipment organised, only recently got car back together after Diff refurbishment and Lubrication of all UJs + got Car MOT'd. Can you advise on the following 1. Battery type you have fitted (amps) 2. I have heard the upgraded power cable for pump should be via relay, is this correct and if so how can i identify if i have one in place already as cannot find anything as of yet. Andy
  19. Andrew Thanks for this info, i will look into this. Andy
  20. Kevo I like that set up ! i have started to look into this already. Thank you Andy
  21. Hi Mike Voltage : I know my car has had a new feed wire installed to Bosch pump, i measured voltage at pump recently and seemed ok about 13-14 volts. However i have never completed this when cranking, I have always had a suspicion my battery is too small so i guess this would prove theory as looks lost in battery tray. what battery power should i have ? Fuel Pressure : Yet to complete this, i have the 3/8 BSP T Piece, can you take image your set up, to give me some guidance please as never done this to date. You Guys still Meet at Plough ? I saw Tom & Tim at Barrington last year just after your Italy trip, I should pop down and get some advice Andy
  22. Yes agree. I attended a Lea valley group run last year and was pleasantly supprized about how easy other PI TR s started after each of the stages, my car always needed choke and was clearly coughing and spluttering before it cleared its self and the choke was switched off. My car has the Bosch 996 pump also mounted outside boot under rear near side arch, over the weekend i took the car for a run as only just got refurbished diff back in place and pump was noisy at end of 30 min run but not hot to touch, any ideas ? I would like to check my fuel pressure and have 3/8 bsp T Piece to fit, but would like your advise on pipework and gauge to make meter. Question : do you guys fit meter and leave in place or fit and simply place threaded bung in T Piece when not in place ? Thanks Andy
  23. Guys Thanks very much for all your help, i will give the advice a go and let you know how i get on. Andy
  24. Yep agreed thats what i would expect but it won't start without choke ? Cant believe this is right way to start car from Hot
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