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  1. I do have my fingers crossed. Luckily the person i bought the Renault off is involved with the MM and they have said that they will assist with my application. My TR2 would be the preference (once restored), but i think this is a long shot. I will get a pic of my renault posted on here shortly.
  2. I paid 15000 euros. Bit over what they sell for normally, however, it is in wonderful condition and very original. I also think it was a good buy for one with history in various events. I've seen similar cars with similar history for a lot more.
  3. Mike ellis has given some information on the car. The car was built in 1961 but registered in late 1962. For some reason the v5 says 1963.
  4. Hi. We are rebuilding a 1963 tr3 rhd. As it is a late tr3 is there differences i should know? Thanks mark
  5. I want to enter the mm as well. I was going to build my tr2 for entering the mm, but realised it was going to be a long shot as the number of applicants are high and preference is given to cars that have already competed or are entered by the sponsors. Ive ended up buying a renault 4cv that has already competed in the event, which has better chance. Now going to build the tr2 for UK navigation rallies and will potentially use it for the tulip rally. However would love to use my tr2 for the mm.
  6. Many thanks. I will let you know the outcome. I have my fingers crossed. thanks Mark
  7. Hi. many thanks for the email. I have contacted the register.
  8. Hi Many thanks for your reply. I need to contact Mike Ellis. I do have the original log book as well (well trying to find it). I am going to write to all the addresses within the log book to see if by any luck someone is still at the same address. Thanks Mark
  9. Hi I have written a message here before, but thought i would try again to see if anyone has any history on my TR2. I have the old log book and I have therefore written to all the previous owners, however, it would be great if anyone on here knows anything about my car. Many thanks Mark
  10. Hi I am still looking for any information if anyone knows anything about the car. Many thanks
  11. Just thought i would see if anyone might know any history on my tr2. Thanks mark
  12. Hi. Im still looking for any information on my tr2 if anyone can help. Thanks Mark
  13. Thank you for that. It makes a lot of sense. Now i need to trace some of its history from there. thanks mark
  14. Hi. Im trying to work out the history on my tr2 sup749. On the birth certificate it states it was delivered to home reserve. Does anyone know what that would be? Excuse me if it is a stupid question. Thanks mark
  15. Thank you for the advice. It is something i will be planning to do as well. On the certificate it was said the car was delivered to the home reserve.
  16. Hi Does anyone have any information about the above car. I have got the birth certificate for the car now, however, I would love to know a little about its history. I will post a little information about the certificate later, however, it does appear that at some point the engine was bored out. Any help will be appreciated. thanks Mark
  17. Hi All I am still looking for any information on my TR2 SUP 749. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks mark
  18. I have to say, it is great that my tr3 history is starting to piece together. Anyone else? Lol. I have pm'd as well. Also anyone have any clues on my tr2?
  19. I am also looking for someone to help me with a tr rebuild on my tr2 and tr3. If there any individuals out there that can help, please message me. I'm also from Brighton area lol.
  20. Hi I have actually emailed you as well. However it is brilliant that I have found a previous owner and I am very grateful you have messaged me. The car was found sitting in a barn in Yorkshire, sadly rotting away. We picked her up last year and the restoration will be starting this year. Up to now all we have done is stripped the car down and started to repair the chassis. Funnily enough I am not too far from you as I live in Worthing. The car is being rebuilt near Portsmouth.
  21. I have to say this is why I love classic cars. Each and everyone of them has its own history and it is fascinating reading about the different cars. I would have bitten off your hand to get hold of SHP520 lol.
  22. It is such an old event that it wod have been such a shame. Anyone who can get to it I would recomend.
  23. Great news. V happy. I have always wanted to see my dad have a go at the trials as he has gone pretty much every year since his teenage years. Might see if I can pursuade him to have a go in my volvo 1800
  24. Tomorrow is decision day for the event. Fingers crossed.
  25. Thanks for the message trevor. I will do just that. I'm just curious about mine. Especially as it has been registered with a 2200 engine as well even on the old log book.
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