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  1. Dave Gleed had taps on his stall, he's at Malvern this weekend.
  2. Thanks everyone for your advice and ideas, I worked through most of them this last weekend with no change to the problem. So today I took the battery to another garage and guess what the thing failed the load test. So much for my first battery man. New battery fitted tonight car starts fine with no loss of charge. Another one to put down to experience. Alexander
  3. Thanks for the response I'LL work through the suggestions this weekend Alexander
  4. Thanks Dick for clearing starter of discharge will check with multimeter. The battery is 12V95Ah. 730A(SAE) so should be OK it's just three years old and worked fine till the problems started. Alexander
  5. Hi Forum Members Hoping you can offer help and ideas for my most resent problem. Battery won’t turn starter motor over, and does seem to discharge when left over a week . Had battery checked by my local battery man ( only sells batteries and know what he’s about) result battery passed tests. Noticed today that the volts drop with only the ignition turned on and no attempt to start car. When I did try it would not turn over. Connected one of those battery jump starters and it turned over and started. Questions – could the fault be my bomb starter having a short to earth, would th
  6. I had a similar problem over christmas, checked all the normal things, earth ,ign switch,starter push,even checked the wires to switch and starter push. Now the car had worked fine for three years since rebuild but the problem turned out to be no earth between body and solenoid. cleaned the contact service between body and solenoid- problem solved. Alexander
  7. Had the same problem two weeks ago from a London supplier, so it's does seem as there are a number of poor quality upper ball joints out there. The supplier said they had never have a problem with them and to send it back, as pp would cost a fair bit I will return it at Stoneleigh and check a few and buy a couple of good ones for stock Alexander.
  8. Thanks Bill will get in touch with TR Bitz on Monday Alexander
  9. Removed and stripped the steering box today. Upper bearing cage totally shot, shaft above worm has damaged, worm bearing face damaged. So it does look like my only option is a rack conversion. I’d like to keep the wide fan belt if possible but know I have to remove the fan, do I need to remove the “extension fan hub” as well ?. Tom Holland has been good enough to send me photo’s of his solution for horn and indicators. Thanks Alexander
  10. Hi Stuart thanks for the information, I've got the bottom race out but now need to take the steering box out of the car to get to the worm,top race and pitman arm. I'm assuming there is no easy way to remove the box and the front of the car will have to come off Alexander
  11. thanks everyone, I'm just stripping the steering box due to excessive play and poor feel during sundays day out, one bearing race is damaged still to check top race and worm. Looks like I will have to move to a rack if damage is excessive to the worm, hence my question. Alexander
  12. anyone fitted the conversion from TR Shop London, is it the same as the ones on sale at other suppliers? thanks Alexander
  13. I had no problem and was happy with the work, but I did have "Freeman of Coventry" in common with the old man, he even made me a cup of tea, which I understand is unheard of. Alexander
  14. Tom If you use the lift a dot backing plate as a template you can mark the hole and slots with a biro then cut with a small blade. I also taped the backing plate in place then pushed the thin blade through the slots so they were the correct size. Alexander
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