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14th April 2022

First Right Hand Drive TR - TS2 to visit Kennet Valley Group

First Right Hand Drive TR - TS2 to visit Kennet Valley Group

TS2 Round Britain Relay 2022

To celebrate over five decades of uniting Triumph TR sports car enthusiasts, the TR Register announced that TS2, the Club’s promotional vehicle and the first right-hand-drive production TR2 built, will undertake a Round Britain Relay Run in 2022. The aim is to visit every one of the 53 local groups of the TR Register Car Club in the UK. The plan along the way is that each Group will be laying on events, activities and other promotional opportunities that our members and the public can enjoy.

Kennet Valley Group has arranged the following events over the Easter Weekend.

Thursday 14th April - Podium Place

TS2 will be at Podium Place from 11:00 and we invite members to bring their TR's along to make a timeline display of TR marques, so we need TR3 and/or TR3A, TR4 and/or TR4A, TR5 and/or TR250, TR6, TR7, TR8 and/or TR7 V8 or Grinnall.

This day will also be the day when you will be able to drive this iconic car as a TR Register member, so if you haven't booked please do so or come along on the day and if there is a slot you will be able to drive TS2.

Friday 15th April - Podium Place

TS2 will be on full display on the turntable inside Podium Place from opening time until closing, amongst Supercars and you will be able to bring your TR along to display outside and enjoy a coffee, food and chat. Come and go as you please.

Saturday 16th April - Brooklands Easter Gathering

TS2 will journey with KVG members cars to the superb Brooklands Motor Museum and display at the Brooklands Easter Gathering, we will be joining London TR Group to put on a great presence of TR's with TS2 at its centre in this ever popular and major car event. You will need to buy a ticket to attend, please click here to purchase: Brooklands Tickets, see you there!

Sunday 17th April - Podium Place option & handover to Wessex Group

Podium Place are holding a Ford Mustang Meet and TS2 has been invited along to display amongst them, so if you fancy a mingle with these great US Muscle Classics, why don't you pop along? TS2 will then either return to Didcot or we will handover to the next leg with Wessex TR Group.

Classic Car Weekly Coverage

Classic Car Weekly have sponsored the whole TS2 Round Britain Relay, so please attend one or all of these events to give great promotion for the TR Register and to encourage new membership.