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On Sunday May 19th the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club hosted the second gathering of Standard and Triumph motor cars. This took place in the lovely surroundings of Wroxall Abbey near Warwick. A total of 11 clubs, including the TR Register, participated to display some 310 vehicles, including 16 Standards. A fantastic turnout and a vast increase compared with around 120 vehicles in total last year. The aim was to create a 'day of celebration' and this was certainly achieved judging by the high turnout.

The TR Register took the opportunity to support this burgeoning event and 'day of celebration,' by combining attendance of TRs from around the country with a National TR6 day to support the programme of celebrations throughout the year. As a result, the event saw an impressive 107 TR6s congregated together to mark half a century of the model. At some points in the morning, it seemed like they just kept coming! It was also a great opportunity for members and fans of the TR6 to get their hands on a commemorative plaque for their cars and one of the choices of Magenta or Red anniversary T-shirts.

Many TR6s turned out in convoy from their local areas but all looked superb parked in rows, gleaming in the Spring morning sunshine whilst Wayne Scott and Mick Forey manned the TR Register stand.

There were also TRs over from Holland, who took the opportunity to stay in the palatial surroundings of the Wroxall Abbey Hotel.

This event provided a great opportunity for people to turn up and marvel at a vast range of Standard and Triumph cars on display on the lawns of this historic venue. Catering was laid on that included coffee's and a hog roast supplied by the Hotel and with increased attendance this year, we are sure that further hospitality will be available from them for future events.

One participant Graham Shipman, described the experience as follows: “From my 'post-war' Triumph perspective, arriving as I did in our 1967 Triumph 2000 MkI saloon, I thoroughly enjoyed the day, chatting with other enthusiasts, relaxing with a leisurely picnic.' It reminded me of the successful Standard Triumph International Rallies held in the Seventies and Eighties that were run on with very similar ethos and, since their demise, missed by many".

For the Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club this comment came as no surprise, as it is a small club with loyal and dedicated members who have a deep passion for their vehicles, some of which have been in the same family since the 1930s. The Club added that “we can never match the numbers of post-war Triumphs, but we put on a fine show."

Those participating from the Pre-1940 Triumph Club included (amongst many others) organiser, Martin Johnson-Howe who brought his Gloria Six Light and Camb Followers TR Register member, Trevor Sherwood who attended all the way from Cambridge in his Gloria Saloon.

Clubs participating were the: Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club, Roadster Club, Mayflower club, Sports Six Club, Stag Owners Club, Standard Motor Club, the TR Register, the TR Drivers Club, Club Triumph, the Triumph 2000/2500/2.5 Register and the Dolomite Club.

Pre-1940 Triumph Motor Club member Martin Johnson-Howe inaugurated this idea and our thanks go to him for organising the second Triumph Picnic at Wroxall Abbey and to Trevor Sherwood & Brian Bromwich for helping him marshal the event. Martin should be very proud at what he has achieved.

Allan Westbury, TR Register Chairman said, “A massive thanks to all the efforts, support and interest shown by the participating clubs in making this such a success, but in particular to

We look forward to supporting this successful relaxed format again next year, as part of the TR Register Club's 50th anniversary to bring together Standard and Triumph enthusiasts, no matter what age or type of vehicle they own, or those who simply wish to see and learn more about this great period of motoring history.

Attendance headlines:

• Pre-1940 Club: 10 cars

• Triumph Roadsters: 7 cars

• Standard Motor Club: 15 cars

• Dolomite Club: 5 cars

• Stag Owners Club: 31 cars

• TR Register: 142 cars of which there were 138 TRs of which 103 were TR6s

• Triumph 2000 Register: 21 cars (Inc. 2 TRs) of which 16 were 2000/2500s

• TSSC: 39 cars of which 6 were TRs of which 3 were TR6s

• Club Triumph: 14 cars of which 2 were TRs but no TR6s

• TRDC: 8 cars all TR7/8s

Harry Webster Award presented to Phil Homer.

The Harry Webster Award is given to commemorate the life of the famous Standard Triumph designer's life and his exceptional contribution (recognising his involvement in the manufacture of virtually every Standard Triumph model during his career).

Each Club from the Standard Triumph Forum has an opportunity to nominate candidates and each has one vote for the person they consider to have made the most significant contribution to the Standard Triumph movement. This year, the award was given to Phil Homer, Historian from the Standard Motor Club for his huge contribution to the Standard scene through his club activities and writing.

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