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Abingdon is a difficult event to report on, as its a huge entry with no TR class. It's spread with our entries spread over 2 paddocks with un numbered paddock spaces so we're all disjointed. It's difficult to get the usual camaraderie going.

The results are updated throughout the day. The left hand column is the competition number, no drivers name or car mentioned so it's really difficult to know how you're fairing against others. I came away not knowing. This isn't a whinge, it's just how it is.


It was a dry day, I know Steve Small did some mowing in the long grass on the final corner of the Abingdon course. I really enjoyed it as always & spent a lot of time sideways in the corners. I had a noisy tappet, although power seemed OK . On closer examination later I discovered I need new rockers & shafts as my high lift cam appears to have damaged them.

There were 9 TR Register contenders competing, Martin Paine won the day with the best result against bogey time, yours truly scored second best. There was an awards ceremony but I left before as I had a long journey home.

Name Bogey Time Championship Points

Martin Paine 122.00 122.07 10.05

Jim Giddings 104.05 106.22 9.85

Steve Small 100.35 102.79 9.81

Graham Ramsey 122.00 128.40 9.53

Clive Letherby 104.05 109.82 9.50

Dale Huxford 108.50 115.36 9.37

Alan Yeo 112.50 121.33 9.27

Rod Warner 104.05 113.16 9.18

Chris Roberts 109.50 122.99 8.77

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