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Despite the very early start, we arrived in plenty of time to sign on, get scrutineered and do the final checks before practice started. You never think you'll have enough time but you always do.

The forecast was for a dry day and we had lovely warm sunshine until about after lunch, when it clouded over but no rain. Just a bit humid.

The practice runs went without a hitch and as the hill was totally dry for the runs, some impressive times from the team were coming back.

After lunch, two timed runs followed with the best times as follows:

  1. Tony Browne, Dolly Sprint 38.85
  2. Steve Small, TR7 41.68
  3. Sam Browne, Dolly Sprint 43.54
  4. Mandy Small, TR7 44.19
  5. Graham Ramsey, TR7 45.16
  6. Martin Paine, TR6 44.97
  7. Chris Roberts, TR8 45.40
  8. Richard Durrant, TR4A 46.79

Everyone was in good form. Martin had to turn back home to get a new alternator but despite arriving after 11.30 am, he still made the two practice runs before lunch. Mandy didn't fall asleep at lunch time. Sam kept the coffee going. Tony beat his bogey time. Sam got her best time so far. Graham kept the banter going. Chris kept the smokes going. Richard wants a more powerful engine.

Another good day's hill climbing and looking forward to Prescott now.

Words by Sam Browne

A real Dolly!

Discussing tactics.

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