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TR Register Insurance policy holders received a letter informing them that the name of the brokerage that administers the clubs insurance scheme has changed to A-Plan. This has been announced as soon as the merger was finalised and policy holders were informed first before the press and wider industry. The letter gives all the details concerning policyholders.

Sompo Canopius which includes Canopious Speciality UK has sold almost all of its direct-to-consumer business to UK insurance broker A-Plan. The scheme it is understood, will continue to be the reinsurer of Lloyds. The move means that the 60 staff at Sompo Canopius's will transfer to A-Plan also based in Worcester. Sompo Canopius will remain in control of the underwriting and A-Plan will handle the marketing and brokering of the schemes.

It is the second change of brokerage name for TR Register Insurance since its launch in 2013. The first from K Drewe to Canopious Speciality UK helped put into effect a whole host of improvements and the TR Register is confident that further improvements and developments will come from this change also especially regarding the resources available to answer enquiries faster than before.

As far as the Insurance scheme itself is concerned, there is no change and the relevant expertise remains in place.

The staff on the end of the phone remain the same, the scheme manager Greg Ikin remains in place and the scheme is run for the TR Register. The staff you have built relationships with will still be there the next time you call. They will also be joining us once again at the NEC Classic Motor Show in November.

The staff will be happy to help answer any concerns on: 0333 003 8157 or - please do not call the TR Register car club office with insurance enquiries.

All email addresses and phone numbers will remain the same after the change takes effect.

Although this is not a decision or action by the TR Register Board of Directors, mergers, re-brands, name changes, acquisitions etc are commonplace in the insurance industry and the relationship with the TR Register and its members / policy holders will be unaffected. A-Plan remain responsible for any transactions in place before the change over. The terms and agreements with TR Register Car Club also remain unaffected as does the trading name TR Register Insurance.

In short, it's business as usual, no changes just a different company name and office address in the small print. There is no need for concern.

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