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Traces and Lost Registration Numbers

Lost Registration Numbers

The DVLA's rules for the V765 scheme, under which original registration numbers can sometimes be recovered, now require that the vehicle be inspected by the club prior to certifying the V765 application.

Therefore applicants should now initially contact Bill Piggott to discuss their particular circumstances. He can advise as to the likelihood of the application being successful and also give details of the inspection procedure. This will avoid applicants spending money on applications unlikely to succeed. In future the cost of a V765 application will be £50 for TR Register members. In addition, if the vehicle cannot be brought to us for inspection, our travelling expenses at 40p per mile will be payable.


Available for TR2/3/3A only via Bill Piggott (Marcle House, Brimfield, Ludlow, SY8 4NE). Either send a £16 cheque payable to W Piggott or email me for bank account details if you wish to credit my account direct at bill. If applying by post, please include an SAE and in all cases, I need a note of your car's"TS"commission/chassis number and registration number if a UK car. Approx. four to six weeks later I will post you a typed"birth certificate"of the car's original build specification, build date and (usually) the delivery destination. These traces are around a quarter of the cost of the BMIHT ones and include much the same information.

Normally, TR2/3/3As can only be traced via the commission number - however, it may be possible to trace a car using the six or seven figure bodyshell number. More work is involved, and the cost may therefore be higher. TR3Bs can only be traced by Heritage as below, as the club does not have acess to TR3B records. TR3B/4/4A/5/6/7/8 owners can only get a trace done via the Archive Department, Heritage Motor Centre, Banbury Road, Gaydon, Warwick, CV35 0BJ.

The cost is £50 and you must quote the car's year and model, plus the commission number/chassis number. You will receive a certificate suitable for framing. An on-line order form is also available on the BMIHT website