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TR Register Shropshire Group Summer Weekend 2017

TR Register Shropshire Group Summer Weekend 2017

The first Shropshire Weekend was held in 2000 at the Bridge Inn in Dorrington. It has been an annual event, in one form or another, ever since.

Originally the concept was one of a camping weekend with most members camping out from Friday to Sunday. With its communal cooking, barbecues and much sitting around with bottles, the Shropshire Weekend was always looked forward to.

However, in recent years, the format has changed somewhat. Whilst camping remains an element, it is no longer the core of the event. Many members prefer to stay in Hotels or B&Bs. Other members wish to attend on a daily basis and return to the comfort of their own beds each night. For these reasons, it is necessary to hold the event in Shropshire or its immediate vicinity. And it still works!

Our choice of venue for 2017 was the Mellington Hall Holiday Park which is set in the grounds of Mellington Hall, a Victorian Gothic Country House now an hotel. This must be the smartest campsite we have used with well kept grounds, excellent facilities, friendly staff and spectacular views.

In spite of the adverse weather forecasts, Jim & Joan Cook, Paul & Kath Sedgley, Phil & Alice Desborough, Stuart & Diane Heaton, Roger & Helen Critchley, Ian & Pat Thomas and Gordon & Sheena Grant arrived on Friday to pitch their tents. Jim & Joan's caravan soon became a very welcome refuge from the worst of the elements. Friday night's barbecue was quickly abandoned and we withdrew to the bar in Mellington Hall. The staff were brilliant and set a table for us in the rather elegant surroundings of the lounge. Camping doesn't get grander than that!

Saturday dawned to the realisation that it was Gordon & Sheena's Wedding Anniversary. Nice card, Gordon!

That morning we were joined by David Somerville, Peter & Rosanne Napier, Malcolm & Jacqui Lainsbury and Richard & Hazel Humphries. As Roger's TR6 is still undergoing extensive cosmetic surgery, David led the run, in his LHD TR4, with Roger as navigator. There is something distinctly unnerving about having your driver in the "wrong" seat whilst you are sitting in the "right" seat but can do absolutely nothing!

The weather was fair, much better than forecast, and what little rain there was could generally be dealt with by driving faster.

Ten TRs and a SAAB set out on the run. This took us on circuitous routes to the Derwen Gardens at Guilsfield (the Show Gardens were most interesting), to Lake Vyrnwy (for lunch) and to Bala (for an ice cream). Unfortunately we took the wrong mountain road from Lake Vyrnwy to Bala and arrived at the southern end of the lake rather than northern end. However, it turns out that the road we used was part of the Triumph factory test route. Serendipity rules!

At the point we met Lake Bala the heavens opened and the narrow roads meant that driving fast was not an option. The sheer ferocity of the rain was far greater than we had experienced so far. The convoy stopped to erect hoods. This left David & Roger way ahead and standing out in the road wondering where everybody else was. We were very wet! Helen, in the SAAB, was very smug!

The journey back over the Berwyn Mountains was sublime. This is a road to be enjoyed again and again.

Friday's BBQ was resurrected on Saturday. Several barbecues were lit and many bits of meat were cooked. Wine was consumed and Ian provided music of just the right type and tempo to complement the mood. A great night.

Sunday was another unexpectedly good weather day. Tents were struck and stored in the gazebo, which had done sterling service in light of the conditions. Peter & Rosanne joined us as did Helen Beresford, Peter & Judith Gibbins and Andy Browne.

Andy very kindly offered to be Roger's chauffeur for the day. Andy's TR6 is a very "together" car and a pleasure to be in.

Sunday's route took us out towards Kerry and then on to Clun using the Hall of The Forest Road. We stopped for a break in Presteigne before taking the fabulous B4355 to Newtown. Even the light rain couldn't dampen the views.

Lunch had been arranged at The Nag's Head at Garthmyl where we were joined by Russ & Pam Honeyman and Richard & Hazel Humphries. An excellent meal!

We returned to Mellington Hall and were surprised to meet up with Paul Wedge and his TR6. Paul had driven over to visit some friends and was unaware that we were there. Serendipity again!

A great weekend!. Many thanks to all who took part.

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