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Allegedly the little car hasn't been started since the mid 80s, certainly all of the petrol has flashed off and left a shellack on everything. So tanks out for cleaning, throttle bodies are off getting refurbed, fuel metering unit and pump are on the bench getting new diaphragms and seals and new plugs, coil, points, condenser and distributor cap are ready for a firing attempt sometime next week hopefully.

Doesn't have to be able to drive but has to start in order to get the reg changed from UK to Ireland before Brexit at the end of December. Once it gets re registered it will be torn down to the chassis to get a full restoration so its annoying to have to spend this effort on getting it to start on the one hand but then again it will front load us on some mechanical banana skins we might otherwise only discover later. Clutch is seized not that we need that to fire it up but I thought for fun it would be encouraging if it could move under its own steam, provide some encouragement for the long nights ahead, so I've ordered a new master and slave cylinder and removed the old. Have never seen hydraulic fluid go like this, makes the 33 years since last start believable!