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These are the 12 circlips removed from the pistons that locate the gudgeon pins. After 48 years They felt a lot weaker than the new ones that were fitted

These are all the piston rings we have removed. None were broken until we tried to remove them, some being a little brittle, even with the use of a ring removal tool. Good job new ones are to be fitted. The rings are covered in oil with the constituency of treacle. The bores are Standard bore size.

I have "glaze busted" the bores with a medium grade stone to allow good oil retention for the "bedding in" process. There was zero wear in the bores, consistent with a well looked after 33000 mile engine.

No one cylinder above, the full set below.

This shows the box containing all the pistons, rods, caps, mains caps, valves & springs etc. A handy box from Lidl with rows of 6 for the cylinder related parts, and a row of 4 for the main bearings and parts, thus easily keeping everything in the correct order for re-assembly.

This shows the crankshaft ready for cleaning. Both the Main and Big End journals are 0.010" undersize. Thankfully they are all in good order with no scoring of the surface. To ensure a good clean, six new plugs are waiting to be fitted after the oil ways have been cleaned, however, the old ones are putting up a good fight against being removed !