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This shows the O/S rear deck support bracket and boot hinge mounting ( 2 bolts) and fuel tank mounting (1 bolt, bracket at left of picture. The hinge bolts came out quite easy.

With the rear deck removed, we can now tackle removing the mounting brackets from the wheel tubs

This shows the underside of the rear deck, revealing the underside frame, mounts and also the fuel tank top mounting brackets. This is in surprisingly good condition and just needs all the spot welds breaking off to separate the remaining part of the rear deck panel which can be discarded. The semicircle in the centre is the remains of the fuel filler pipe hole.

This shows the lower half of the mounting bracket the two halves were only welded when the rear deck was fitted, to get the height correct, another of yet many variable measurements ! This also clearly shows the fuel tank mounting (N/S) Bothe need to be removed.

This was the easy way, cutting out a chunk of wheel tub, removing both brackets at the same time, as it looks far easier to cut the spot welds from the brackets on the bench. The same will be applied to the supports for the interior trim panel in front of the fuel tank.