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Our family has been car mad for many years and we have had a number of little projects. We decided that we would like to do a full body off restoration of a Triumph TR. Having searched through available cars in the UK we decided to buy one from the US, both due to availability and condition - when bought from the dry states. We finally settled on a 1965 TR4A IRS which originated in Hawaii, although moved around the Southern end of the US throughout its life. From first impressions from the photos emailed to us from the seller, it looked in fair condition for its age and we understand it has been off the road since the mid 1980's.

Through this blog we hope to convey the trials and tribulations of an amateur father and son team who have no prior Triumph experience (in fact we have never actually driven one). We do however, quite like tools and have access to a variety of toys which should help us get the results we strive for.

We plan to keep the car as original as possible, although are constantly debating the merits of some modernisation - allowable in our minds as long as they do not fundamentally affect the driving characteristics of the car.

We will be keeping the car in its original Triumph racing green colour scheme.

We imported the car with the assistance of Kingstown Shipping and collected it from Felixstowe on 26th October 2017. We trailered it back to our home garage in East Sussex where we will be doing the work.

This is the boat that the car arrived on in a container with some other classics.

We have no real idea how long it will take, but would quite like to drive it at some point in the summer of 2018 - perhaps a little optimistic!?

We hope you enjoy following this blog and we will try to keep it regularly updated!

Les and Mark Allitt