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My Jig is now built and ready for the body rebuild. Having decided that the body was in such poor condition and that the chassis was not much better, the only way forward was to build a jig as a starting point. The dimensions taken from the workshop manual and lots of calculations, cross references and taking some dimensions from the car as it stands. It is made from 50mm box section and very rigid in its construction. For ease of movement it is on 4 castors, just like a hospital bed. It just fits over my hydraulic motorcycle ramp, making a variable height work station.

Once the new floor panels, transmission tunnel, heal board and inner / outer sills have been prepared and spot welded just enough to hold everything in place, then I can get on with transferring the body across. This will be done in two halves as the original centre section of the body tub is mostly iron oxide or missing ! Thanks go to Eric Sorensen for my transmission tunnel.