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With help from my friend John Anderton, who has removed all the lights front and rear, the front bumper bar and the boot lid. WD40 is a very useful tool, as I am sure you can all imagine that the vast majority of nuts / bolts / fasteners are seized up. It was nice to see the boot lid hinges are quite good, so we will be keeping those.

Another view of the cockpit area. The seats are pretty good, even the seat backs are in good condition which is more than can be said about the seat runners. I will remove the seats very soon, before anything unwanted happens to them ! The seat condition supports the 33000 mile speedo reading as being genuine. I am not to sure about the seat belts, they will get a very close inspection when they come out. The metal work will need re-chroming.

Above, inside the boot area, some of it is not too bad, although I have a full new floor panel to fit, and the Off Side inner wing is very bad, no surprise there then ! Thankfully the rear valance inner panels are in very good condition, as is the near side inner wing, although some repair work where it joins the "B" post will be needed.

As both full floor pans and the entire inner and outer sills are totally gone, the body will come off the chassis in two halves. I have bought these items new, being Heritage pressings for best fit panels. I have started to build a new jig to start the rebuild process on. This is made from 50mm box section constructed to give maximum rigidity to the assembly. Careful measuring in every direction is required to ensure all is "square and plum" Note the multiple orange string diagonals, each "pair" must cross the central datum line at the same relevant point along the length of the datum line.