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Just started taking it apart. Lots of boxes required. Roof and bonnet now put on one side. I have removed the radiator (looks undamaged but not tested, core is probably rotten. Water pump removed (seized solid) also removed the pump and thermostat housing plus the alternator. This just makes it look like I have made some progress ! A long way to go. Throttle bodies, distributor and injection pump will follow so they are not at risk when I pull the engine and gearbox out. The intention is to clean up all components and rebuild them as we go along so they are ready for refitting when the time comes. There will be a lot of measuring to do before I take the body apart so I have lots of reference points. Due to the amount of rot, the body will have to come off the chassis in two halves. To facilitate this I am building a steel box section jig to transfer it onto after first placing the new floor, sills, heal board and A / B posts in position. I need some new metal to line up both ends of the car. All must be built around the doors, so sill, A and B post position is paramount. Many photo's to follow.