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Having collected my late fathers car last summer and returned it to Scotland where it was originally restored some 30 odd years ago I'm now in the process of giving it a through service. The car has always been looked after very well and has been remarkably reliable however the engine felt soft and down on power so decided to investigate. Removed the head and the valve stems and guides were a little worn but seats reasonable. The bores have discernible wear. The pistons have considerable wear in the compression ring groves and with some broken rings which I think is the cause of the power loss. The crank shaft big end journals and shells are like new and free of any scores or sign of wear. I intend to fit new liners, pistons, valves and guides and replace the timing chain and sprockets as a matter of course. Oil pressure has always been very good with 60-70psi shown at all times. My father always used Castrol GTX and later Magnatek? oil but I was considering using a fully synthetic oil. Anybody have experience with using modern oils. I was also surprised that the valve guides are not fitted with seals!