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This is me with my TR in 1996, with the expectation to get the car on the road within the year, still some 20 years later the car is not yet on the road, but getting closer. I have always owned a Triumph since I was 14 years of age, having owned a whole range of classic vehicles.

It was when a work colleague came to me and told me about a TR250 for sale, that I first realised what a TR250 was. I still have little knowledge of the cars history, but fell in love with the story of the fact that yanks couldn't handle fuel injection and had to revert to carbs. oh and some change in the Law.

I bought the car in 1996 for a sum of £500.00. The car had been in a North London garage for 8 years, and although complete, this right hand drive car was in a restoration stage, and many of the parts were in boxes.

I got the car moved from London to a garage in North Wales, where I managed to get it running and drove it in a field. This is the only time I have driven the car.

The story of my rebuild is the classic dream of one day knowing I will get the car back on a British road. The process has been extremely long, but my life has dramatically changed over that period, and this has resulted in the slow but still very rewarding experience of restoring a classic car.

The Restoration:

I decided on a full stripdown was the way forward. 1st was to get the engine out, Surrey top off, the interior, windscreen all electrics then all boxed and labeled. (Sorry for poor quality images, there was no digital cameras when I started this - and no blogging - and no internet, oh how times have changed)

Car went to a local Garage for the stripdown to begin, all wings, bonnet, boot were dismantled. chassie was disconnected and bodywork started. the chassie was sent to another garage to be sand blasted

Body was stripped, new sills welded and other structural bodywork mended. Bodywork was rubbed down and primed.

Chassie was sand blasted and primed.

Chassie painted and returned to my Garage with body still in other garage. The car had been dismantled and scatter across Wales in 3 different locations.

This is were a problem aross, the garage that was doing the body went bump, I had to get the body back in bits before the car was lost forever. I managed to get the majority of the bits back. I now had the car back in one location, but the wings, bonnet, boot, doors, Surrey top and windscreen were in bear metal and this is were thay stayed for 5 years, sadly rotting away but in a dry location.

The delay was due to my ill health as I had now been dieagnised with multiple serosis, which causes a multiple of problems, and life change. Over the next 5 years very little on the car was done, but it was never really far from my mind. In 2004 the process restarted.

Again the car was sent to another body shop, and a very extensive body restoration started, by now some of the body parts had large volumes of surface rust, but with gentle and patient rubbing they were all salvaged.

More to follow shortly