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December Meeting

December Meeting

December's meeting

We had our normal cheerful meeting, made all the better by the many wives, who also seemed to enjoy it. There was a lot of talk of the work being done on our cars, over the winter break. Paul's car has finally arrived at his home, in its dark Racing green. We had been to collect several small parts that had been painted the week earlier, and were surprised, to find them painted Apple Green. It seems that the Painter had thought this light Triumph colour was what he wanted; luckily he was able to change it, before painting the tub. This will give Paul a lot of interesting work during the winter, putting his car back together, as it was a fully working car, before its colour change. His new Hydraulic lift will make this job much easier, giving a great working height, and so much better on the back muscles. He has promised many pictures of its re-assembly for the web site.

Andrew and Jackie also told us of wanting to book a group trip to the Lake District, next June. Several members their showed interest and it was decided to go for three nights, the 6th to the 9th of June. Jackie landed herself with booking the Hotel, for us all. This will give us a focal point for our outings next year, and we all need to make up a list of next years outings.

I have always wanted to import a car from America, and Paul and I have decided to go halves on its restoration. It will all depend on how easy it is to have the car arrive here, watch this space. This may be the way we will be buying all our future projects, or we may just be poorer but wiser men.

The Ladies decided to have a Christmas group meal, and Gill has organised it for us all for December the 19th in Bawtry. This will be another chance for us all to enjoy each other's company, before Christmas.

Next months meeting was thought to be too near New Years day, so it was decided to move it back one week, to the 9th of January 2018. This will only be for January's meeting, we will then return to the first Tuesday of the month.



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